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Nam Agem is a near-human Intelligence agent for the Rebel Alliance and later New Republic. Distrustful of Bothans, he launched an elaborate plot to promote his own intelligence-gathering skills.


A Near-Human, Nam had light blue skin and no hair (at least, not on his head). Besides those features, however, he was not very distinctive or noteworthy in appearance, a factor that he counted as an asset as an intelligence operative. Short and slim, he didn't look in the least bit threatening or even remotely dangerous. His attire was usually casual, simply to allow him to blend in even further.

Nam possessed a keen analytical mind, able to quickly analyze and interpret information as it became available. A cunning linguist, he was fluent in numerous languages and picked other ones up easily. Even working with Protocol Droids to aid him, he still was a capable translator on his own. When confronted with mountains of data, he could quickly sift through it and find the relevant material.

Despite these strengths, he was constantly being shown up by Bothan operatives who, with their natural skills at intelligence gathering, complex relationships and backdoor dealing, would often get to the same goals as he would, only faster. This bred a degree of resentment and paranoia in him that eventually would manifest itself in a dangerous desire to prove his own superiority.

Nam was not a trained fighter. If confronted, he would try to avoid combat and run. Fast.


Born on a remote, impoverished outer-rim world, Nam Agem's earliest goals were to great off the backwater world and see the rest of the Galaxy. He took a series of jobs to save up money, then eventually managed to get off-world. Unfortunately, as he began to see the universe, he ran head-long into the Empire's anti-alien sentiment. While a Near-Human, his appearance and remote origins were enough to make him stand out and draw attention. It was this sort of resentment that drove him into the arms of the Rebel Alliance.

The Rebels quickly discovered his skill as a data analyst, putting him into work in their intelligence agencies. He worked dutifully as an interpreter and analyst, helping to plan Alliance operations. One of his early successes was the Raid on Place where, through his planning, the Alliance were able to achieve their objectives. For a while, he served as an assistant to Captain Joe and Ken, helping to gather information on the Wolf Raiders and undermine their operations.

However, despite his successes, he was increasingly finding that he was being shut out of major operations. With the Bothans apparently supporting the Rebellion, Nam felt that his work he was doing was being ignored or overlooked in favor of their contributions. over time, he became more and more embittered and angry towards the Bothan agents, as well as the New Republic's Intelligence Agency.

By 13 ABY, he was convinced that the Republic was actively ignoring him and decided to take action about this. He would create a plot, then uncover it and alert the Republic about it. He would then get the credit for the discovery and foiling these events, and look good in the eyes of his superiors, while at the same time snubbing the Bothans who would know nothing of what was going on.

He found a group of likely patsies in the form of the Tof, a race who the Rebellion had fended off nearly a decade before. Isolated and remote, they would be the perfect mechanism for his plot. Making sure that he couldn't be identified, he "leaked" information to the Tof about the discovery of a huge cache of gems and precious metals on the planet Bugurup. In this leak, he also explicitly detailed the defenses around the site where the cache was located, and how poorly defended the world was. Having confirmed that a Tof commander had received the information, he waited until the time was right to then "reveal" the planned Tof attack.

Unfortunately, events turned against him. Ein Fuu'trawrt, a Bothan Slicer, accidentally broke into Tof communications and discovered the impending attack before he could. The New Republic immediately put together a task force to ambush the Tof forces, in essence following through Nam's plan, only without his involvement. By the time he discovered what was going on, matters were well out of hand. The Tof attack had been defeated, their ship disabled and their leader captured. And the success of the operation was entirely down to a lone Bothan.

Nam's plan had failed; not only had he not gotten the recognition that he so craved, but instead, the credit for the operation was given to one of the people he had sought to undermine. The only positive side to matters was that he wasn't found out in the process, nobody in the New Republic's intelligence community was aware of where the "leak" came from. In fact, he was promoted to a regional command for intelligence operations in the Unknown Regions.

Ironically, in that role, his main job was to file reports on the possible Tof-Ssi-ruu War.

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