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"You want to know the story of my life... it's not a happy story."
—Nalrik J'tarr to his son, L'ssek[src]

Nalrik J'tarr, called Nal by those close to him and later known for a time as Darth Echo, was a Trandoshan Jedi Knight and later Sith Lord. He was known for being a kind-heated, charismatic person, capable of doing what was right despite the repercussions to him. When he was five years of age, Nalrik was handed over to the Jedi Council to begin training. The young Trandoshan lived on Coruscant for eleven years, learning the ways of the Force, hoping for the day he'd become a Jedi Knight. At the age of sixteen, Nalrik traveled from the Coruscant Jedi temple to the hidden Enclave on Dantooine with his master, Veshin Drenak. It was here where he fell in love with a young alien woman named Fara Jetrel. His master sanctioned the marriage, drawing from a regrettable past experience with his own lost love to boost his decision. A year later, Veshin married the two in a secret ceremony inside Fara's home on Dantooine, three miles from the Jedi Enclave.

Just a month after the wedding, Nalrik and Fara encountered a Mandalorian mercenary named Kravik on a mesa a few miles from Fara's home, and after a brief scuffle Nalrik severed the mercenary's left arm. Kravik swore revenge against the seventeen year old Jedi, and hired a kamikaze Mandalorian to crash into Veshin's parked ship three days later, when the Jedi Master returned from a convening of the Jedi Council on Coruscant. Veshin died telling the young Jedi to do what his heart, not the Jedi, told him, and to be with Fara. At Veshin's funeral, where all Jedi in the enclave attended, Nalrik told everyone present what most of them already knew: He was married to Fara and he was leaving the Jedi Order. He did this to applause from the Jedi, and Veshin's force ghost appeared to Nalrik thanking him for turning a sad occasion into a joyous one. Five months passed without incident, but Kravik was still working on a revenge scheme. When Nalrik left on day to go to his new job in Drexin City, three hours from his home with Fara, Kravik and his allies smashed open the door to find Fara alone. Nalrik sensed this, an Echo in the Force, and began sprinting home but he was hit with a tranquilizer dart halfway there. The six Mandalorians beat and raped Fara for hours, the left her to die in her burning home. Nalrik came to and ran the rest of the way home, snapping the neck of a Mandalorian who stayed behind before entering the home and rescuing his wife.

Unfortunately, Fara's injuries were too severe. Nalrik used a technique Veshin had taught him to erase the memories of her being violated, and replaced them with a lifetime of false memories of Fara's and his marriage, having children, and dying at the age of ninety next to each other in a warm bed. In reality, though, Fara died in her crying husband's arms in the middle of a rainstorm, murdered by Kravik and his men. Nalrik became cold and distant to those close to him after Fara's death, but he still stayed on the path of good. Two days after Fara's death, however, the young ex-Jedi discovered something that began his true descent into darkness: Fara was one month pregnant when she died.

Angered to the point of no return, Nalrik recovered two Sith Blades he had taken from a Sith Apprentice, Darth Kabal, whom he had killed when he was a Jedi. Armed with the red lightsabers, Nalrik spent the next three days systematically hunting down and killing every Mandalorian he encountered.


Early lifeEdit

Nalrik J'tarr was born on Trandosha to Yal'ssk and Nalira J'tarr in 3980 BBY, 24 years prior to Revan's mission to destroy the Star Forge.

Life as a Sith LordEdit


Nalrik J'tarr in his early years.


Darth Echo on Trandosha.



Nalrik met a Trandoshan woman named Kortha Vazo on Geonosis in 1,369 ABY. She was just a young Jedi padawan then, no more than fifteen years old. Kortha’s team was sent out to uncover and destroy a Sith Lord (Darth Echo) who had hidden himself among the towering rock spires of the ringed planet. Those who were sent alongside her were a ragtag group of thugs who called themselves Jedi. Darth Echo stalked the group for a day and a half, never quite getting a look at Kortha.

One night, when Kortha was asleep, the Jedi alongside her made plans to hold her down and rape her and leave her out in the desert to die. Darth Echo, who overheard this plan with his namesake Force power and remembered the similar situation with his wife Fara, rescued Kortha by slicing up the Jedi before they even had a chance to get near her. Kortha awoke and was horrifyed by the destruction the Sith had caused, but when he tossed her an audio device he had used to record their horrific plan, she realized that something was different about this Sith, that he was only out for her well-being.

Darth Echo, in the mean time, had fallen in love with Kortha from the moment he saw her, and reprimanded himself for forgetting the honor he had made to Fara. Despite this, Kortha thanked Echo for what he did, not even seeing his face past a desert mask. Echo wordlessly left her in the desert, but watched over her as she returned to her vessel to make sure there would be no more trouble for the girl.

In a state of wonder that a young Jedi can see so much carnage brought on by a Sith, only to thank him for it, Darth Echo spent the next ten years searching for the Halls of Redemption where, after a brief fight with a group of Jedi, Echo and his then-Sith Apprentice Darth Karja were exiled to the surface of Dagobah, where at long last the Sith had discovered the Halls hidden behind a rock wall.

The Halls of Redemption took Echo to Tatooine, where he was stripped of his title as Darth Echo by seven Jedi Spirits including a short dyslexic puppet-looking thing, and old man, and a younger man with long hair, and was told to head east to find civilization. Nalrik walked the dunes of Tatooine for three days before collapsing outside a homestead where Kortha herself had lived.

Kortha had left the Jedi Order after her mission to Geonosis, claiming that she was sent there to be violated by a corrupt Jedi Master named Xaloi Tohl, and went to Tatooine. Kortha lived on the remote planet, alone, the remainder of the ten years between Geonosis and the time Nalrik was found near-death outside her home.

Kortha spent nearly a week nursing him back to health in her home, unaware of his past as the Sith Lord she had encountered on Geonosis. The two spent the next few days discussing their pasts, with Nalrik obviously making up things as he went. Eventually, however, Kortha discovered his past when she overheard him talking to himself while looking on the HoloNet for any sign of Sith in the area.

Instead of turning him into the Galactic authorities, or attacking him with a lightsaber she had kept in a safe under the floor, Kortha... invited him to dinner with her that night at a high-classed restaurant in the nearby town of Mos Jolva. It was here where Kortha told Nalrik that she knew of his past as Darth Echo, and she told him that it was he who showed her the corruption of the Corellian Jedi Council, and thanked him once more for saving her life. Nalrik then told Kortha that it was her who made him seek out the Halls of Redemption, and that she was the one who, in effect, caused him to redeem himself. The two chatted for the rest of the evening, and that was one of many that they were together... a year had passed and they were married, living at her home on Tatooine. Nalrik’s Force Phoenix, a power he had learned from a Scroll when he first became a Sith Lord and the key to his extremely long life, somehow transferred a part of itself over to Kortha, allowing her to live alongside him for many, many years.

The Family TragediesEdit

Nearly sixty five years later, Nalrik and Kortha had their first children, a set of twins named Zossk and Vosha J’tarr. A decade later another set of twins, L’ssek and Vedan, were born.

When Vosha was fifteen, however, she was taken by Mandalorian mercenaries who had discovered Nalrik’s past, and all the Mandalorians he had killed, and held her as bait for a trap against Nalrik on Bespin. Nalrik angrily fought off dozens of the mercenaries, but during the battle his thrown lightsaber clipped a canister of Tabanna gas. The resulting explosion set off a chain reaction, destroying the entire airborne Tabanna mining facility. Nalrik was thrown from the blast and fell into a waiting starship, but Vosha was killed in the explosion.

Nalrik blamed himself for the explosion which took his daughter’s life, but his brimming hatred for the Mandalorians returned with a vengeance. Nalrik vowed to never again let a Mandalorian mercenary, soldier, or bounty hunter live after the Conflict of Bespin. Despite this, Nalrik decided against seeking them out as it would only pull him back to the Dark Side, and that was a path he did not want to follow again, especially now that he had a family to take care of.

A half-year after the Bespin Conflict, Zossk, Vosha’s twin brother, worked with Kortha at her medical facility on Polis Massa. One day, while Nalrik was visiting them, a starcruiser crashed into the facility and slowly started to take it apart. Zossk and Nalrik met up with each other after getting everyone into an escape vessel, but Zossk sensed one last person in the back of the facility. Despite Nalrik’s pleas to leave him be, that you cannot save everyone, Zossk could not abandon his moral code and left, telling his father to keep the ship ready. Zossk was seemingly killed when the facility crushed into itself, but his body was recovered by a group of Kaminoans working for a menacing Sith creature known as Shade. The kaminoans cloned the dead parts of his body and brought him back to life, but Shade led Zossk to believe that Nalrik abandoned him, left his own son to die as he escaped with his life.

Angered to the point of no return, Zossk allowed Shade to train him in the ways of the Sith over the next seventeen years, and when Zossk was ready he destroyed the entire Kaminoan cloning facility with the Force. Shade named him Darth Echo and told him that he was on his own now.

L'ssek and VedanEdit

After Zossk's apparent death, Nalrik and Kortha came to the realization that their last two children were too unsafe in their care so they hired a pair of foster parents, Verek and Y'nela Kollsk, to change their last names to J'tarr. Nalrik and Kortha then used the Force to change young L'ssek and Vedan's memories to make them believe their true parents were in fact their grandparents, and left them in Verek and Y'nela's care.

Nalrik and Kortha lived near their family on Trandosha, and visited their children every day until the young trandoshans had reached the age of twenty. It was at this time that L'ssek and Vedan were granted admission to the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine, though after a year and a half Vedan decided to venture out and become a starship pilot, purchasing a YT-1300 called the Star Shade using his grandparents' money and hiring a crew.

Vedan was running a cargo shipment to a mysterious man on Dantooine when a Star Destroyer emerged from hyperspace and intercepted him. Vedan and his crew battled the Destroyer all the way to Hoth, but a well-placed shot on the engines damaged the Star Shade and they were forced to crash land on the frigid world.

At the same time Kortha, a Jedi Healer, was called to Taris to help solve a growing crisis with a mysterious disease where the victims burst into flame three days after being infected.

Also at this time, Nalrik was travelling to the Kamino system for Jedi business when the same Star Destroyer attacked his vessel and he was forced to land on Yavin 4 to hide from it. He hid himself inside a Massassi Temple but became trapped on the forest moon when the Star Destroyer targeted his ship from space and decimated it.

Six months passed, and L'ssek was growing increasingly anxious every single day. He had not heard from his family, aside from his "parents", and discovered that his brother was shot down on Hoth when a transmission from his damaged vessel was sent out. L'ssek snuck aboard a vessel carrying three assassins, and stowed away, unaware that the trio was sent to kill his brother and recover data from the crash site.

The TalonsEdit


Darth Echo's power extended through all reaches of the Force.


Darth Echo's Sith Order.


Powers and abilitiesEdit

Nalrik J'tarr was very powerful in the Force and extremely efficient at at lightsaber combat. While most Jedi at the time of his academy days carried one saber around, Nalrik wielded a pair of them, one for defense and the other for attacking. While training, Nalrik always tried learning and creating more maneuvers and strike patterns to outdo the other academy members.

One of the more powerful techniques he had created for his lightsabers was a combination of saber combat and Force use called the "Echo Wave".This move entailed a focus and concentration when dealing with ranged enemies. Rather than simply deflecting blaster shots back at his enemies, the Echo Wave distributed the Force around his lightsabers so that they collected the energy from the bolts. When he collected enough bolts, Nalrik spun around in a circle so fast that the released energy from the sabers "echoed" out into a radial flurry of flying plasma.

Another devastating ability, "Meteor Strike" involved Nalrik jumping into the air and focusing the living Force into his body, then he used this extra energy to crash into the ground at hundreds of kilometers per hour, effectively destroying everything around him within a four-meter radius.


Force Phoenix in action.

While a Sith Lord, however, Darth Echo learned a Force-power that put the rest to shame: Immortality, granted a limited form. Force Phoenix, trained to Echo via a scroll written by the power's creator and found by the young Nalrik in Kravik's possessions on Dantooine, was an ability that tampered with the laws of nature by giving Echo a prolonged life-span—thousands of years in fact. This ability, however, had its drawbacks; It would not work if his head had been cut off by a lightsaber, and it would not work if he was caught in space. If any other way of death had afflicted Echo, however, then the Sith Lord would come back from the dead just moments later, giving off a fiery aura so hot that no one would come near him as a safeguard to prevent a more... permanent death.

Behind the scenesEdit

Nalrik J'tarr was created by Kalas Grengar, an author on the Star Wars Fanon wiki. The idea behind J'tarr came from the fact that there are little to no Trandoshan characters in Star Wars canon who have Jedi or Sith characteristics. Instead, they are mostly bounty hunters or mercenaries.

Nalrik's Sith name, Darth Echo, was inspired by what the Jedi Exile was called during her adventures, an "Echo in the Force." The name sounded original, and it has not yet been used in canon so the author chose it.

The pictures of the character were all created by Grengar using other images, such as on Wookieepedia. Essentially, he took a Trandoshan head, a different body, and used a program not unlike Photoshop to create the images.


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