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Nalfan Kelvin-Stoat was a Human Jedi Master and member of the Jedi Order. During the Clone Wars, he fought against the Separatist forces until his death during Order 66.


Nalfan was almost stereotypically heroic in appearance; handsome, he had a square jaw, rugged features and short-cropped blond hair. Despite seeing heavy action during the Clone Wars, he managed to remain almost always incredibly neat and well-presented. In fact, he often prided himself on his appearance, commenting that there were other Jedi who could have benefited from "a good scrub every now and then."

Despite this apparent vanity, Nalfan was a brave and capable fighter and dedicated to the Jedi cause. He would never ask anyone to do anything that he wouldn't do himself. In battle, he lead his force from the front, being the first one to go in and, if needs be, the last one to leave. (Clone troopers excepted, of course).

For all his positive traits, he had one weakness, an ugly truth that, potentially, could have seen him stripped of his position or exiled from the Jedi Order. While the Jedi were supposed to eschew personal relationships. he instead had a number of affairs with various women outside of the order. He did a good job of concealing them, however, none of his fellow Jedi ever knowing about them.


Born on Alderaan, in 52 BBY, Nalfan was identified as a Force-sensitive at a young age.

His first major "adventure" came in 32 BBY when the ship he was traveling in was intercepted and shot down by unknown assailants. Crashing on the unexplored world of Spar-klaee, he was the only survivor. Badly injured, he was found by the planet's leader, Queen Sarina Starbreeze who nursed him back to health. Grateful for his rescue—and resigned to the fact that he may never get off world—he and the queen (who's husband had recently died) fell in love and began a passionate affair. He also discovered that her eight year-old daughter, princess Sereniti Starbreeze, was Force-Sensitive.

Unfortunately, his blissful life was interrupted by a civil war; a revolutionary group rose up, determined to overthrow the queen and take control of the world. Nalfan interjected, defeating the rebel leader in a heroic duel and saving the Queen's life.

Not too long afterward, a Jedi ship following up on the loss of his vessel discovered the wreckage. Realizing that he would be living them, the queen gave him her daughter to be trained as a Jedi. Returned to the order, he had become a master by 22 BBY and taken up the instruction of Sereniti Starbreeze as his Padawan. As a member of the Jedi Order, he participated in the Clone Wars as one of the Jedi "generals" leading Clone Trooper armies.

In 20 BBY, he lead the Republic's forces in the liberation of Shia Mocksae. At the head of Commander Ghoone's forces, Nalfan personally lead the forces into battle. Both in space, operating his starfighter from the Thunderlord and on the ground, he was at the head of the conflict. At the conclusion of the campaign, he stormed Pango Bobo's fortress and his Battle Droid forces. Unfortunately, this bought him info conflict with the dreaded KD-01 Huge Enemy Crab Droid. Initially overwhelmed by the sheer size and firepower of the Droid, he appeared outmatched. However, his good friend and fellow Jedi Kabb was able to use the force to flip the Crab, exposing its weak spot and allowing them to strike it for massive damage.

Only moments later, however, he was attacked by Rood Lubbers, a force-using marauder. Before he could drive the dark sider off, Nalfan was stabbed in the rotunda and badly injured. Evacuated to the temple on Coruscant, he was removed from active duty for several months.

While relaxing on Corellia, he met Abbigadro Glade, an exotic dancer and bar wench. Taking a liking to the woman, the two began a brief but passionate affair. However, the affair was short-lived, Nalfan being recalled back into action. It was not too long after that Abbigadro discovered that she was pregnant, but had no way to communicate the fact to the Jedi Master.

Reassigned to work with Ghoone and Sereneti, he took part in the invasion of of Trowzaar to seize it from the Separatist forces. It was there that he met his demise. Taking a toilet break, he was unaware of the declaration of Order 66. Seeing an ideal opportunity to fulfill his orders, Commander Ghoone ordered several SPHA units to open fire on the Portaloo, obliterating it and its occupant.

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