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Nafai Starmaster was a Rebel officer during the Galactic Civil War, who was an A-wing ace. His maneuver skills were exceptional, and was better able than most interceptor pilots at targeting while performing tight turns and dives.


His allegiance to the Rebel Alliance was probably started when his planet (currently unknown) defected from the Galactic Empire on the grounds that the Tarkin Doctrine was oppressing the people, who are described as mostly farmers by Nafai Starmaster. Having piloted flying vehicles to aerially irrigate or fertilize the vast fields of the family farm, and knowing how to make tight turns in midair in order to cover the entire field, he chose a service in the Rebel Alliance as a pilot, indulging on his love of flying.

Nafai was first recorded to have participated in battle in 2 ABY, when the A-wing fighters were first commissioned. Four dozen planets of the description Nafai gave defected to the Rebellion in that year, which is why his homeworld is undetermined. The battle in question took place in the Utigetu Nebula, as the Rebellion was smuggling supplies to a nearby Incom factory. Reportedly, Nafai scored five kills on incoming TIE Interceptors, matching the new Imperial fighter's speed with the velocity and armament of the Rebellion's new interceptor. It is likely that Nafai had trained for several months beforehand on this fighter, though it cannot be confirmed due to the lack of competent records in that area of the new government.

The mission to Incom had been successful, but most of the supplies were forced to have been dumped at the sign of two Star Destroyers pulling in to the nebula.


When the Rebel Base was relocated to Hoth, Nafai was placed in charge of one of the fighter squadrons in Outpost Theta. In the meantime, about three months before the Battle of Hoth, Nafai was sent to investigate a pirate gang known as the 7337 N00B5 (pronounced "leet noobs" by members) that had previously been known to have helped the resistance on Tatooine, though were suspected to have disrupted a few of the Rebel smuggling lines. Eventually, the small wing of five A-wing pilots found their way to Mos Espa, in the aftermath of a TIE-versus-TIE conflict.

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