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From the beginning of my life they told me to remember who I was, but I didn't know who I was, not really. Now I finally do, and I won't forget it.
—To her prospective husband, Sholat Yomaget

Nabé Harjoril was a member of the Harjoril family and the only surviving royal handmaiden of Wosté Sharosa, and eventually a bounty hunter and Mandalorian. She was descended from Padmé Amidala's sister Sola Naberrie.


Early Life(115 ABY to 129 ABY)Edit

By the time Nabé was born, the Harjoril family had been at the top or near the top of Naboo society for a century, but her mother, Leia Naberrie, constantly reminded her as a girl of her relation to some of the galaxy's most famous past heroes, and possibly to the Fel family, as it was generally believe on Naboo that they were descended from Amidala's granddaughter Jaina Solo. She was groomed to possibly ascend the throne of Naboo, but believed herself from an early age to be unfit for such leadership. Instead, she looked into becoming a handmaiden, and in 130 ABY became fifth handmaiden to the new Queen Sharosa, another member of her family. It was generally believed by most that if the Queen deemed her worthy, she would designate her as a potential successor.

Handmaiden(130 ABY to 131 ABY)Edit

As Nabé's new mistress ascended the throne, so did Darth Krayt on Coruscant, deposing the Fels. Queen Sharosa avoided having to make a statement about him publicly, while privately she made it known that she in no uncertain terms objected to the rule of the Sith. Nabé later quoted her as saying, "I will perish as Amidala and Apailana did before I see Naboo submit to the Sith."

She ended up doing just that. In 131 ABY she officially received Krayt and invited him into her palace. Arming Nabé, who of all the handmaidens was the best shot with a blaster, she kept her near her as she talked with Krayt, then dropped a sudden hint that were Roan Fel and his daughter killed, she might have a claimant for the throne in the palace, then gave Nabé the signal to shoot. Krayt, who had seen the trap coming, easily deflected the blaster bolt back with his laser sword. However, Nabé had been trembling so violently that by chance the bolt hit her blaster and knocked her unconscious instead of killing her. Krayt then killed Sharosa and the rest of her entourage.

Life in Seclusion(131 ABY to 134 ABY)Edit

A Imperial soldier vaguely sympathetic to Roan Fel, discovering that Nabé was still alive, arranged to have her smuggled back to her family estate, where she recuperated. Her parents encouraged her to remain in quiet retirement and find a husband as soon as it was safe for her to meet with other people. Nabé, however, was possessed with a deep anger and sense of injustice, and could only wonder what she could possibly do against enemies such as Darth Krayt.

Hoping she might be Force sensitive, in 132 ABY Nabé snuck into an abandoned Jedi enclave on Naboo which had been active after the Yuuzhan Vong war. For two years she studied the materials she retrieved and tried to get into contact with the Force. Eventually she was forced to conclude she had no Force ability and gave up.

At the same time, she also decided that the only way to make a difference was to just go out and try, and she left Naboo to start her quest.

Mercenary/Bounty Hunter(134 ABY to 150 ABY)Edit

Nabé ended up working as a mercenary for various military forces, most of which were vaguely against the Empire, or just against Krayt. She found that the more time went on, the less she cared which. Five years after she left Naboo, she found herself unexpectedly one of two candidates for commanding a group of expatriate warriors originally from New Arzend on Holt, the other being the Mandalorian Sholat Yomaget. The two attempted to share command, and ended up killing a Sith together, but handed command of the army to one of the Arzendi and moved on.

He offered to help her gain credentials as a bounty hunter, and she accepted. The two of them worked and traveled together for nearly a year, at the end of which, they had fallen in love. Sholat, at Nabé's overtures, told her that he would have her only as his wife, and as a Mandalorian herself. But Nabé felt she had her own loyalties and commitments, and could not put them aside for him. They parted as friends.

For the next ten years, Nabé took jobs from supporters of Fel, and occasionally others when she needed the money. She met up with Sholat occasionally and worked with him in 146 ABY, during which he told her his offer of marriage still stood.

Finally, in 150 ABY, she found herself working with a whole group of Mandalorians for several months, let by a certain Enis Tolt. Though they did not include Sholat, they knew who she was and treated her accordingly. When the mission was nearing its end and half of them survived a massacre attempt, Nabé was again invited to join the Mandalorians, and this time accepted. She was reunited with and married to Sholat, and the two of them became a permanent team.