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Mustick, known as Mou'hahs'chikh to its inhabitants, was a planet home to a rather intellectual and advanced species called the Musticka, alternatively called the Mou'hahs'chikh Atl. Once a rich and fertile world ruling a vast empire, it was devastated by an invasion of the Musticka's former vassals, the Jahart. The biosphere was rendered completely destroyed, and the Jahart made an exodus to its seared surface to establish habitation domes, as their homeworld, Jaharmal, was ironically destroyed when the Musticka invaded. As for the Mustick, they departed their ruined home and roamed the cosmos for a new world to call home.


Mustick orbited a tertiary star system, its 3 suns being Lunick, Monick, and Dimick. It also had 2 moon; Karnick, and Lisick. The 3 suns were cool red dwarfs, and Mustick lied farther than most habitable planets from its star, but combined the three suns gave off sufficient heat to warm Mustick and support life.

The planet was once a lush and temperate world filled with forests and advanced cities. With a sprawling biological diversity, biologist of all kinds flocked to the beautiful world. This ecosystematic paradise was not meant to last, for when the Jahart rebelled against their former master the Musticka, they ended the beauty of the planet. Creating a mighty weapon, the Jahart devastated the surface, polluting the atmosphere to the point of poisonous. Without sufficient amounts of oxygen, the native creatures died out, and the biosphere collapsed.

The intense heat boiled away the oceans and melted ice caps, and nothing but dry, scorched plains and basins that were once seas remained. Rendered an inhospitable wasteland, Mustick was the subject of the Jahart Planetary Recovery Bureau (JPRB) to try and rebuild the atmosphere of the long dead planet. Limited success had been met, but an acre of recovered land had been able to support grass and other plants, and the Bureau hoped the technology will be able to terraform the planet into a new paradise.

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