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Production information

Baktoid Armor Workshop


Multi Terrain Attack Transport



Technical specifications

31 meters


13 meters

Maximum speed

60 km/h

Engine unit(s)

KDY Premium Mark-III


40 battle droids

  • Armor
  • Mechanized infantry
  • Self-propelled artillery
  • Troop Transport

Multi Terrain-Attack Transports (or MT-AT) were the successor to the CIS MTTs. Unlike the original MTT, the MT-AT was equipped with more weaponry, while troops were deployed at the sides of the transport, coming out the hatches located there. The MTAT was shaped just like the MTT. The MT-AT proved better than the original MTT and presumably replaced it during the Clone Wars.


Like the MTT, the MT-AT was manufactured by Baktoid Armor Workshop and carried any type of battle droid on the two decks inside the transport, where they sat and awaited commands by the two deck commanders on each floor. Either 20 battle droids or various cargo that needed transportation can be loaded on each floor of an MT-AT. The face of an MT-AT is retractable so that it can reveal its secret weapon. The MT-AT's turrets could be swapped for short cannons for weak targets or longer heavy turrets for heavier turrets.

For weaponry, an MT-AT was equipped with two twin laser cannons that could destroy enemies to rubble easily along with two repeating blaster cannons for attacking infantry and fast vehicles, speeders, or starfighters. Also, the MT-AT sported two heavy laser cannons, which delivered the final blows to enemy emplacements and forces. Lastly, the MT-AT is equipped with a variable-geometry turbolaser that can fire strong hits to enemy defenses. Although equipped with this turbolaser, this was the weakest spot on the transport, capable of destroying the transport with a few hits or a bomb.


During the Clone Wars, the Republic had many heavy walkers at their disposal, such as the AT-TE. Compared to the walkers, the CIS MTT was nothing so the Separatists decided to develop a heavy transport to counter the walkers. The MT-AT was developed by Baktoid Armor Workshop and proved itself as a great attack craft. It later became a vital part in the Separatist Droid Army and replaced the MTT and MUT as a Confederacy Transport. When the Clone Wars ended, this vehicle fell into the hands of pirates and criminals and also inspired the body of the Imperial AT-AT.

Behind the scenesEdit

Despite being called the MT-AT, this vehicle has no relation to the Imperial MT-AT spider walker.

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