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The Mukhabarat was an assassins guild that kept behind the scenes of most of the major galactic conflicts. They were formed by Justin Rettik around 45 BBY. The original structure of the guild consisted of six Captains, eighteen Lieutenants, thirty-eight officers and one hundred enforcers of the Honor Guard and had five hundred other members. The Mukhabarat had two money launderers, both companies owned by Rettik: Yuhanna Arms and the Happy Skies Casino.

The guild was known about only in the highest circles, and only to a select few in those circles. The guild members were mostly anonymous to the other members until one got to the higher ranks, where the Captains all knew each other, and the Lieutenants all knew who the Captains were.


The guild was created by a Corellian Human named Justin Rettik around 45 BBY for the purpose of political assassination. Originally, the guild consisted of Justin and two other professional assassins: Cole Karith and Kyle Syntak, both Corellian Humans.

Around 22 BBY, a bounty hunter named Ryluk Shouja, under the guise of a Lord Fenron, approached Rettik with the intent of joining the guild. At first Rettik thought that the notion of a nobleman joining the Mukhabarat was preposterous, and rejected the lord. Fenron saw that his guise would not help him, so he revealed his true identity of Ryluk Shouja to the guildmaster. After being convinced that Fenron was really Shouja and not an impostor taking advantage of the bounty hunter's disappearance, Fenron allowed Shouja to join the guild.

Due to Ryluk's reputation, Rettik decided to modify the guild structure and made Ryluk a seventh Captain, and promoted three more Lieutenants to aid the bounty hunter. This proved a prudent decision; for the year that Ryluk was with the Mukhabarat, he furthered the guild in many ways, from teaching combat classes to completing nearly impossible missions. The bounty hunter became a great leader in the guild, and was known by all the members, if only as Lord Fenron.

Ryluk left one year after joining, with a promise to come back eventually, saying he had some business in the Outer Rim. Rettik was sad to see him leave, but the guild continued in his absence anyway. Shouja returned to the guild several years later and was awarded his old position. The bounty hunter stayed with the guild for many years after that.

After Rettik's death, his most trusted live Captain, Cole Karith became the leader at 64 years of age. He led the guild for nearly thirty years after that, dying at 92 and passing the guild leadership on to the next in line. The Mukhabarat fell out of Galactic History until the assassination of Sious Von in 128 ABY. After that, the guild remained in the background of the galaxy, reappearing every so often with a high-importance assassination, but never drawing attention to the fronts of Yuhanna Arms and the Happy Skies Casino. The guild was officially disbanded in 887 ABY for reasons unknown to any but the core group of captains of the guild.

Assassination policesEdit

Each assassination was required to be carried out in what Rettik deemed a perfect fashion, with no evidence of the assassination left at the site except the body. Unregistered or stolen weaponry was always used, and each weapon was only used once. The assassins were required to perform each assassination a different way, which prevented them from falling into a traceable pattern.

The Mukhabarat Code of ConductEdit

This name will never pass beyond the ears of those who already know it.
Danger is a part of life, do not refuse it.
A fight is won if you come out alive.
Never draw attention to yourself or the guild.
Your identity is your own to give at your discretion.
Aid your fellows only for the good of the guild.
When you leave with an assignment, finish it, or do not return.
Your word is your bond, give it wisely.
Complaints are ample reason to be shot. Give none and do not accept any.
Once you leave, you were never here.