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A cave cat outside in Mor Retupmok.

Mor Retupmok, or Grandest City, was the seat of official government on the planet Eniam. As of 1,138 BBY, it was a large collection of brick and adobe structures, including houses, a forge for hunting tools, and several mills powered by the river the town was based around.

Mor Retupmok was founded and constructed by the Eniamos earlier than 5,000 BBY. When the Eniam Federation was founded in 1,534 BBY, Mor Retupmok became the capital. The capital of the previous government is unknown, if Eniam was a planetary nation then. In 1,138 BBY, the government became the Drijoken-Keaarglr-Eniamo Alliance, which gave rights to the Drijokenleein and the Keaarglrs.

With other species in town, the capital became more diverse. Some Drijokenleein and Keaarglrs adapted to brick homes, others made mud and leaf huts and underground caverns to suit their old preferences. Over the years, Mor Retupmok became quite advanced, but kept its adobe shell.

Behind the scenesEdit

Like most or all Eniam cities, Mor Retupmok's name is derived from the corruption of a word reversed, in this case, computer room.