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Poor girl. I think she was a lot more stubborn than she was happy, if you know what I mean.
Ardré Kartik

Moré Yelnina was a member of the Yelnina family of Naboo and thirteenth royal handmaiden to Padmé Amidala. She was killed during the Trade Federation invasion of Naboo.


Moré was born the daughter of the ambitious official Aros Yelnina, the oldest of four sisters. Her father was a supporter of King Veruna and tried to get her a position in his court. When a dispute arose between the two men in 33 BBY, he told Moré to submit her name for consideration as a possible handmaiden for then-Princess Amidala. Captain Panaka, realizing she would likely withdraw if Amidala actually won the election, chose her for the lowest-ranked handmaiden, making his original choice the first alternate, with the hope that when Moré withdrew, she would be grateful to be included.

Moré, however, was disgusted with her father's and family's behavior, and after Amidala won, refused to withdraw; as she had turned thirteen, her father could not force her to do so. Angrily he disowned her. Moré, now anxious to please her new alliances, threw herself into her training, gaining a good deal of medical knowledge from her fellow handmaiden Briné Salmune, whom she developed a crush on.

She became Briné's assistant during the Invasion of Naboo, helping her treat several of the others, most notably Yané Carinda. She also participated in setting up grenades for the destruction of the Federation's main droid construction facility. However, their escape was cut off, forcing them to flee into Theed, and while they were able to steal a speeder and escape on that, Moré was fatally shot in the process.

As the first of Padmé Amidala's handmaidens to fall in the line of duty, though far from the last, Moré was buried in the Handmaidens' Graveyard and her name was invoked in the handmaidens' later second oaths, particularly when they attempted to use her memory to shame her sister Senator Tessé Neldonin.