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Mokonap enforcer was the base military unit for the Mokonap species. It was also used as a police unit. Wearing standard environmental suits for protection, the enforcers were distinguished by their black-and-white suits. They tended to equip more lightweight weapons than other ranks and lacked the shield technology used by other Mokonap ranks.

Rank Edit

The enforcer was the lowest rank in the Alliance of Sentient Races military. The members were very numerous, and could be commanded by virtually any other unit. The enforcers could not officially command the base units of other species, but in some circumstances experienced Mokonap enforcers would be in unofficial 'command' of new recruits from other species. Mostly, however, enforcers were looked down upon by the other ranks in the ASR's military.

A common layout for a low-ranking squadron in the military would be four or five Mokonap enforcers, a trio of Kulimsu knights or pair of gladiators, and a low-ranking Shnict, Ghsst, or Tolac at their command. When used as a police unit, the Mokonap enforcers usually worked alone, sometimes being commanded by Shnict troopers. Mokonap elite enforcers were used as commanders for the police units and wore differently coloured biosuits. In the military, however, elite enforcers were obsolete; instead, the enforcers were commanded by Mokonap soldiers and members of other species.

Since they occupied such a low rank, enforcers were sometimes viewed as lowly. However, since members of the Mokonap species rarely cared for the opinions of members outside their species, they found no shame in their low social position. Additionally, many Mokonap were followers rather than leaders, and were perfectly comfortable being part of the ASR Military's lowest rank. The Mokonap that survived long enough to recieve a promotion to the next rank, however, recieved esteem and respect.

Appearance Edit

Mokonap enforcers wore biosuits similar to those worn by civilians, with subtle differences. The color scheme was different; rather than being dark blue and brown, the enforcer's biosuit was black and white, the colors that were seen as a sign of comfort to the Mokonap. Mokonap enforcers' biosuits lacked the arm band showing the birthplace and birthdate that was present on civilian biosuits. The biosuit appeared thicker due to a thin layer of chainmail beneath the surface that served as crude protection. The moisture-conserving core piece and of the biosuit lost its brown tint in favour of a white color, and the goggles were black instead of reflective. In terms of shape and design, the biosuit was very similar to the one worn by civilians.

Use Edit

Mokonap Enforcer 02

A Mokonap enforcer using a defensive turret.

Being the lowest rank in the Alliance of Sentient Races military, Mokonap enforcers had not yet earned the right to carry powerful weapons. Enforcers typically were equipped with ASR blaster pistols, shard pistols, and shock prods when used as police units. Mokonap enforcers were known for being relatively innaccurate, but as they were usually deployed in large groups, they were still considered dangerous, especially when placed under the command of more skilled Mokonap or members of other species. In extreme circumstances, Mokonap enforcers were given the right to use heavier weaponry, most notably defensive turrets.

Trivia Edit

  • Mokonap enforcers were stereotyped as unintelligent.
  • The Mokonap enforcer is one of the most common law enforcement units in the Alliance of Sentient Races.
  • In Star Wars: Reduction, they are depicted with a bluish-tinted helmet while in every other appearence to date their helmet has been pure white.

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