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It's been a long time, my old friend.
—Luke Skywalker commenting on Tatooine[src]

The Mission to Tatooine was a top-secret mission undertaken by the newly elected Chief-of-State, Luke Skywalker.

Planning the missionEdit

With his son having recently left for Kashyyyk, Luke Skywalker decided the time had come for him to make his return to the military fold. Assuming command of the 3rd Alliance fleet, Skywalker set about planning an invasion of Tatooine; however, the plans quickly fell apart, and Skywalker knew that an invasion was, as of yet, out of the question. But that was not the end of it.

Sensing something of great importance on Tatooine, Skywalker made the decision to head out alone so as to uncover the cause. Revealing his plan to his closest friends, many refused to allow Luke to go unaided. They pointed out that recently, for possibly the same reasons as Skywalker, Tatooine had become a planet of much focus for the Sith, and that it was far too dangerous for Skywalker to go alone.

Realizing that he could not sway their fears, Skywalker capitulated, and, in the interest of his safety, headed for Tatooine with the Barabel Jedi Master Saba Sebatyne.

Arriving on TatooineEdit

Arriving at Mos Espa, Skywalker and Sebatyne found a world greatly affected by war. In the last year, Tatooine had been relegated to a second tier world in terms of military and economical necessity and as such, had suffered drastically from having it's resources redirected.

Tatooine had turned into a world that despised the Jedi as much as they did the Sith, and its populous was not afraid to vent their anger. There had been two cases in recent months where Jedi had been attacked by the locals, although they had not yet resulted in fatalities.

Skywalker ordered Sebatyne to find them a form of transport whilst he found out what he could from the space port authorities about the Sith presence on Tatooine. Having learned what he could, Skywalker made his way out into the city, and was greeted by Sebatyne and a recently purchased, although extremely old, X-34 landspeeder. Although the X-34 had been given numerous paint jobs, Luke recognized it instantly. Before making their way deep into the Dune Sea, Luke made a brief stop over in the old slave sector of the city, entering one of the now ruined mud-huts.

With his visit over, Skywalker and a slightly confused Sebatyne made their way out into the Dune Sea, following the shimmering of the Force.

Encounter with AlectasaEdit

No, I'm getting too old for this.
—Luke Skywalker[src]

The two Jedi spent several hours scouring the Dune Sea, with neither being able to get a direct fix on the shimmer. Sebatyne was beginning to think the mission a waste of time when he suddenly picked up something, a presence in the Force. Turning to Skywalker, he knew Luke had already sensed it, as he was now drawing his lightsaber from his cloak and leaping out of the landspeeder. Sebatyne did the same, turning the landspeeder engine off in the process.

Turning his head to the horizon, Sebatyne and Skywalker could, in the fading light of Tatooine's two suns, see the outline of several speeders, rapidly approaching. At the lead of the ever growing enemy troops was none other than the Sith Lord, Darth Alectasa.

Sebatyne shouted too Skywalker to leave the Sith Lord to him, whilst Skywalker dealt with the overwhelming number of Sith troopers, but before he could answer, the Sith were upon them, and Sebatyne and Alectasa's blades had met.

Skywalker was left with removing the Sith troopers, and on several occasions proved why he was still regarded as the greatest lightsaber duelist in the galaxy. He quickly cut through the first wave, leaving many of the remaining Sith troopers shaking in their boots.

Luke, satisfied with his performance turned his head to Sebatyne, but was met only with a flying Barabel head, as Alectasa decapitated his opponent. Skywalker, enraged with the loss of his close friend struck hard at Alectasa, fracturing his defense, and also his right arm. Skywalker's attack was only alleviated by the sudden rush of Sith troopers.

Fleeing the Sith, and finding the artifactEdit

Skywalker, although relieved that he had not given into his anger, was now on the run for his life. Fleeing to his speeder, Skywalker struck the Sith with an immense push of Force energy, sending them flying back.

Jumping into his old X-34, Skywalker left as fast as he could, hoping to find some sort of cover from what he believed was an approaching sand storm. Arriving at an old cave, Luke parked his landspeeder just inside the cave, and used the Force to pull to brittle remains of a dead Krayt Dragon to cover the caves entrance. Making his way to the back of the cave, Luke found refuge next to an old metal ornament.

Leaning against the ancient statue, Luke shut his eyes and nodded off too sleep. The shimmer in the Force that he had sensed before Sebatyne's death was now stronger than ever, so strong in fact that it had shook Skywalker awake.

Skywalker jumped to his feet and spun his head around, he was staring at the large metal ornament which he had been leaning against. Nothing had changed. The shimmer in the Force was definitely in the cave, but elsewhere. Luke closed his eyes, and focused himself on the shimmer. Eyes closed, he turned his whole body to the cave's rear wall. Igniting his lightsaber, Luke thrust at the wall, and was met with a gust of air, throwing him back slightly.

Opening his eyes, Skywalker was shocked too see the remains of an ancient Jedi holocron. The power being emitted from the holocron was so great, that Skywalker felt that, if he were to remain within its presence, he could actually reverse his natural aging.

Picking up the holocron, Skywalker was pulled into a galaxy of knowledge, vague references to millions of subjects swarmed through Luke's mind. The Jedi Civil War, the Infinite Empire, a mysterious world, the Emperor, and an unknown alien race.

Hiding the holocron in his speeder, Luke waited in the cave, sending out a message in the Force, asking for assistance.

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