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Battle of Korriban



Mission to Mucaav

Disciples of Ragnos crisis


Find and defeat Reborn Master, defeat remaining Reborn


14 ABY




Reborn killed, garrison destroyed, end of Remnant and Cult presence on Mucaav

  • Almost all personnel stationed in the garrison or Temple, including the head Reborn Master
  • R5-G33's droid body (memory intact)
  • Y-wing

The Mission to Mucaav was a mission Luke Skywalker assigned to the young Jedi Academy student Aiddat. The Gran had to infiltrate a Sith Temple on Mucaav that a Reborn Master was using as a gathering point for the remaining Cultists. Once they was found, the Reborn had to be defeated.

Aiddat felt a dark side aura around Mucaav when he came out of hyperspace. A little less confident, he scanned for his target. The Remnant had a garrison base near the temple. As he got lower, anti-air turrets shot at him. He dove into a natural canyon. He was better defended from the turrets, but TIE interceptors flew out of a dug-in hangar to pursue him. He couldn't maneuver as well in the trench. He mananged to dodge and do a few tricks in his slow but tough Y-wing, and his droid even managed to disable a few Interceptors with the ion cannon. Then they flew into a cave. The Y-wing hit many rocks, but the shields and armor protected it. However, some of the TIEs behind him caused the cave to collapse, and the Jedi barely made it out. The remaining TIE damaged Aiddat's left engine and disabled R5 with a grazing shot.

Aiddat managed to jump out and use the Force to save his droid's brain. Just as TIE bomber reinforcements came, Aiddat sensed a cavern behind the cave wall and cut his way in. The cavern started to collapse from the concussions of the trench being bombed, but Aiddat ran to a metal corridor, which held up. He had found the garrison. He disabled the guards at the door and cut his way in, then he took one of the Cultists' swoop bikes. A skilled Force user on a swoop was more than a match for a few Cultists and Scout troopers, some on other swoops, some on 74-Zs. However, he was in trouble when he got to the hangar and the AT-ST staging area. Thinking quickly and reaching out with the Force, he threw some remote-controlled det packs at some ceiling fuel pipes and set them off. He flew out of the garrison just before the roof caved in, destroying nearly everything inside.

He rode the swoop to the nearby Sith Temple, dodging lava pools on the way. He used the Force to move stone blocks, which unlocked a gate. Inside, he was awaited by Cultists and giant lakes of lava spanned by narrow stone bridges. The Gran was quite adept at treacherous terrain, and in fact even tried to duel opponets in places were it was easy to fall. He cut down many Cultists on his way to the Reborn Master. After a hard and deadly duel, he killed the leading Cultist.