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Mission Goo was a popular sports drink that was produced on the planet Corporatia. Because the planet was overpopulated by numerous companies and did not have any significant resources of water, Mission Goo was to many the top beverage reserve on the planet. It was followed only by Stimcaf and water that was saved for plumbing.


Mission Goo became a popular energy drink by many people on missions because it quickly helped avert dehydration. It was in high demand on Tatooine and other desert planets, alongside Blue Milk. Jedi Knights used Mission Goo and numerous journeys, and many said it was second only to the Force as the secret to their success. The Imperial Army generally drank nothing but Mission Goo. Because of the use by Jedi Knights and soldiers, it became a widely used drink rather than one that was just reserved for athletes.

There were, however, some reported incidents regarding the drink. At one point, a young boy named Max opened a bottle of Mission Goo and found what he described as “something gross, like some animal you would find in a drain” in the drink. Sometime later, Max sued the Mission Goo corporation and received a large amount of money in the lawsuit.


Mission Goo came in six known flavors. There was chocolate, red, snozzberry, radioactive, hyperactive and delicious. Radioactive was a combination of lemons and limes.

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