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The Miranda-class fleet carrier was a Fleet carrier put into usage by the Galactic Alliance in the waning days of the Vuuzhan Vong War.


The carriers had a Class 2 hyperdrive and could carry 1,386 troops and enough consumables for 4 months. However, weapons had to be sacrificed to make room for extra fighters. Miranda-class fleet carriers were only armed with a secondary armament of 14 turbolaser cannons, 20 laser cannons, 8 ion cannons, and 4 tractor beam projectors.

While they boasted thick hulls, their shields were noticeably weaker. Although they were equipped with a formidable anti-starfighter weapon system, the carriers were usually protected by other ships and starfighters. They were not designed to enter the heart of a battle, but to deploy and coordinate smaller ships.

The main power of a Miranda-class ship consisted of two wings of starfighters. One wing was a short-range assault wing composed of K-wing bombers and Defender starfighters for close support. The third wing was a long-range superiority wing composed of hyperdrive-equipped fighters such as E-wings, A-wings, Dartwings, B-wings and X-wings.


The Miranda-class fleet carrier was put in to service at the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War to easily deploy starfighters into battle.

The class was built en masse in 29 ABY, and by 31 ABY at least 50 of the ships were still in existence.

Besides being a base ship for starfighters, the Miranda-class was also a command vessel. Task force commanders and fleet flag officers often used these carriers as their flagships.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Miranda-class fleet carrier is based on of a strange ship that appeared on the Japanese cover to The Final Prophecy.

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