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What she had left behind was some of the first research on what it is we all find ourselves tied into...―The noetikon of Dalharil, referring to Mira Baatch[src]

Mira Baatch was a Human female Jedi Master in the decades after the end of the Force Wars and the establishment of the Jedi Order. She was the first-born daughter of Calid Baatch, a Je'daii veteran of the Force Wars and the progenitor of House Baatch. She studied the Force for a numbers of years while becoming a Jedi Knight, prior to her marriage to Kem Kheldrommas and the birth of her three children—a son named Khevran and two daughters, Dinara and Adena.

When her children were older, Dinara and Adena were sent to live with their grandfather on Tython. Dinara was later killed, and Adena turned to the dark side after discovering the dark sphere. She was confronted and defeated by Mira and Calid, after which she was taken into custody to face judgment by the Jedi Order and followers of the Bogan who opposed her actions. Adena was sentenced to be put into a cryogenic sleep and drift through space forever. After the sentencing, Mira hid the dark sphere away. She lived the remainder of her life as a Jedi Sage, studying the mysteries of the Force.

Mira’s legacy lived on for nearly 27,000 years. Her descendants included Jedi Grand Master Talzea Keldroma, Dalharil—the daughter of Adena, who awoke from her deep sleep during the Great Territorial War and become Darth Viea before being redeemed by Ussej Padric Bac—and Skhai Baatch. Mira’s spirit was bound to Skhai, and her knowledge lived on in a noetikon.


Early lifeEdit

Mira Baatch was born the first daughter of Calid Baatch, a Je'daii General and the founder of House Baatch, circa 25,771 BBY on Alderaan. The galaxy was beginning to find relative peace between the newly-formed Jedi Order and the followers of the Bogan—later known as the dark side of the Force—though small skirmishes and conflicts that her father was involved in proved a dangerous beginning for Mira's life. She was inducted into the early Jedi ranks at a young age. Although it was normal for children of Jedi to be separated from their parents for long periods of time, Baatch remained close with her father, following him on a number of missions throughout the galaxy. Although her father made sure that she was rarely in danger, she learned to develop her abilities with the Force during their times together.

While on many of these trips, Baatch found herself drawn to the different cultural aspects of each worlds. She was particularly enamored by their music, which she came to feel had an effect when listened to while using the Force; she believed it conveyed deeper teachings that words alone could not articulate. Her sensitivity to the Force led her to take the path of a Jedi Sage.

Family affairsEdit


Mira Baatch wields an early protosaber.

By the time Baatch was 19, she had already become a teacher to other Jedi, specifically in the fields of history and philosophy for young students. She also began taking an active role in her family's political affairs; following the Force Wars, House Baatch had risen in prestige on Alderaan, and many Alderaanians believed that a Baatch would ascend to the planet's throne. This triggered political strife between several houses, including House Rist and House Panteer. Baatch took it upon herself to deal with these political disputes while her father continued his missions.

During these political dealings, she met Kem Kheldrommas, an aid in the Lesser House Kheldrommas. The two soon began a romantic relationship. This was to the dismay of Calid, who was uncomfortable seeing her daughter start a serious relationship so soon. Additionally, House Baatch was of higher prestige than Lesser House Kheldrommas, so Mira was going against societal convention in her relationship. This led House Panteer to begin a smear campaign against House Baatch, as did the unmarried Mira's news that she was pregnant with Kem's child.

Mira gave birth to a son, Khevran Kheldrommas, just prior to her 20th birthday. This was followed soon thereafter by her marriage to Kem, and their wedding was kept private and held in secret to prevent any treachery by rival houses. Baatch began less active in the day to day affairs of the Jedi Order, having chosen to move into the northern fields of Alderaan to raise her family. It was there that she and Kem had two more children, daughters Dinara and Adena. Kem also became a senatorial figure in extra-planetary politics, with Mira maintaining a life as a wife and mother.

Times of trialEdit

Baatch remained devotedly attuned to the Force, and she passed that knowledge onto her children as they grew older. When they were young, it was decided that Dinara and Adena would live with their grandfather on Tython. Kem was resistant to the idea, but Mira convinced him that it was for the best—in spite of her own concerns, feeling that there was some sort of darkness lurking in the galaxy.

Years later, the first full sign of that darkness emerged when Adena and Dinara, now Jedi Knights, were sent by the Jedi to evacuate a camp of scavengers and miners whose colony rested atop a super volcano. The settlers, however, believed it was a malicious ploy and turned on the Jedi, killing Dinara in the process. Mira felt her daughter's death from afar; while proud that her daughter died attempting to save others, which she saw as a noble Jedi death, her pride was followed by another dark premonition.

Baatch's premonition came to pass shortly thereafter. Adena fell under the dark influence of an artifact from the Infinite Empire, called the dark sphere. Under its power, Adena's strength in the Force grew, but the strength was from the dark side of the Force. Adena formed a dark cult, which Mira, along with her father, returned to the Jedi to help defeat. A team of Jedi, as well as followers of the Bogan who were wary of the dark sphere's power, was sent to Tatooine to face the cult, which was destroyed by the Jedi—though Adena escaped to a nearby star system.

Mira and Calid followed Adena alone, noting that her growing power was becoming unstable; Adena's power began to fluctuate, a side-effect of immense dark side power that Calid had taught Mira about as a child. It took their combined abilities to defeat Adena, though they did not kill her. Instead, they chose to allow both Jedi and Bogan followers to debate and determine Adena's fate.

The verdict came in following a rushed hearing of the Bogan followers; the followers of the Bogan believed that they were following an expanded view of the powers of the Force and grew angry that Adena's actions undermined their efforts for the galaxy to view them as something other than a destructive force. It was their determination that Adena be set adrift in a hyperspace sleep state for eternity, aware of time passing but unable to ever awaken. While dismayed, Mira accepted the verdict, believing that it would perhaps one day give her daughter a chance at a new life. In reaction to Adena's betrayal, Baatch took the dark sphere and planned to destroy it, but, after sensing her sorrow over Dinara's death and Adena's exile, the relic manipulated her into hiding it away, rather than destroying it.

Later lifeEdit

Mira did as the sphere suggested and placed it in a secure location. As time went on, she recorded cryptic clues as to its location, so that someone could find it in the future and potentially find a way to use it for good or destroy it. She went on to dedicate the remaining years of her life to the study of understanding the dark side from the perspective of a Jedi, as well as the dark feelings she felt in the presence of her daughter. She protected her secrets up until her death, leaving very little of her findings—many of her findings came from her father's discoveries—for future generations.


In the millennia that followed, Mira's essence was reportedly see on several occasions, warning individuals away from the supposed hiding place of the dark sphere. Her appearance was briefly documented by her descendant, Jedi historian Pethar Bac, who sought out the dark sphere after finding Mira's research. Mira's bloodline also led to a number of other historical figures, including Talzea Keldroma, who served as the Grand Master of the Jedi Order during the Great Hutt Wars.


Mira's daughter Adena after rejoining the Jedi Order.

Mira's bloodline rose to greater prominence during the Great Territorial War. In the early days of the war, Adena's hyperspace sleep capsule was discovered by the EbonClaw and opened. Awaken from sleep after over 20,000 years, Adena became a student of the EbonClaw Matron Lirreka. She later rejoined the Jedi Order, changing her surname to the modern name Qel-Droma after her mother's descendants, Ulic and Cay. Although following the light side, Adena retained a dual light and dark night and embraced the dark side again, becoming the Sith Empress Darth Viea. She nearly destroyed the Galactic Republic before being redeemed by Jedi Master Ussej Padric Bac, a descendent of House Baatch. Adena went into exile under the name Amara Baatch, and spent the rest of her life studying the Force.[1]

Thousands of years later, the spirit of Mira was bound to Skhai Baatch,[2] a direct descendent of Adena's. A holographic form of Mira was also kept in a noetikon, one that was used to help Jedi Master Jhon Cordatus learn more about Ussej Padric Bac, whom he sought on a quest to discover an ancient and hidden truth about the Baatch bloodline.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Mira Baatch is a character created by the role-player "Empress Adena" on TheStarWarsRP.Com.


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