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  • Hi Hubris, The image you used for "Lord Casso's" lightsaber is actually mine. Literally and figuratively. I designed and built that lightsaber and still own it too this day. I ask that you please take down that image and find another. I have started a page for that details the real lightsaber owner which is Darth Apothis, aka me... well fictionaly of course but, is actually me.



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    • I have no problem in taking down the image, or rather removing it from usage in the page. In fact, I may even take down the pages themselves, it has been awhile since I stopped taking interest in the idea and it may be best to do some Fall cleaning and eliminate a great many of them.

      I was actually content to ignore it for quite some time, but I am willing to go ahead with this action, however I have a simple request in return. It has nothing to do with the image itself, but perhaps it could be a proposal that may interest you in turn.

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