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  • I live in the hearts and minds of my adoring fans.
  • I am entering the scene from stage left.

Hey there! I'm Firedance. If you have any questions about Star Wars Fanon policies or need assistance with JavaScript, CSS, or MediaWiki-specific features, feel free to leave a message.

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  • Do you have a minute to step into chat?

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  • MPK

    I want you to know that I hope and wish that, someday, you might eventually finish this.

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    • MPK

      I miss our discussions as well, and will continue to pop in when I can. And since you use the word "contribute"... I did start writing another story. A KotOR fanfic (because, it seems, I'm unable to produce anything else for this place), set after the draft I wrote earlier this year. I blame the Star Wars movies that keep coming out in Decembers - they keep producing an itch.

      I'd like to add, one of the reasons I was interested in your work is that fan fiction is almost always the same genre - straight-forward prose. I've never seen or heard of a fan fiction piece told as an epic poem, or in a post-modern fractured narrative like House of Leaves (never read it, just like the idea of the concept), or as a Socratic dialogue, in your case.

      But alas, there is one unusual genre they use - the songfic. Gag me with a knife.

      And thank you for mentioning the democratic process. I did indeed make a contribution to it, sort of.

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    • That's my boy. Good to see you're in a consistent writing mood these days. I recently started playing KotOR again for the first time since early 2015. How I've missed that game.

      The problem with OtNotF was that it really grew in scale much faster than I could keep up. What started as a simple philosophical dialogue delving into the traditional (and I suppose Avellone-esque nontraditional) takes on the Force expanded into a discussion of Force-alignment in general, the effects the Force would have on both the behavioral psychological level and on a social/cultural level, and how that played into the topic of intergalactic governments (like the Republic, heavily shaped by the Jedi Order as it was). That led to a Plato's Republic-like discussion of ideal government types for Force-sensitive societies, and expanded on and on from there to topics like just warfare, hegemony, and related effects on law and public policy. By the time my progress came to an unexpected halt this time last year, I had several hundred thousand words of text and I was really mentally exhausted by the effort.

      tl:dr I didn't pace myself properly for that project. I'd like to construct a shorter dialogue or narrative poem with a far narrower focus sometime soon, so you may see that in the reasonably near future.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • MPK

    Our dear sorceress,

    I write simply to inform you, presuming upon your interest in the matter, of my continuing existence and presence on planet Earth, and to assert, not for the first time, that I remember fondly our conversations in the chat room and such. Due to circumstances, I've been unable to buzz the chat room as often as I would prefer. I hope that I may yet run into you there and hope you are well.


    I Still Don't Wear a Monocle

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    • You're alive, I'm alive, what a time to be alive, amirite.

      I hope you poke your head around again soon, Michael, preferably when I'm also around. I've been wondering how everyone's been. Since I can, I'll share an anecdote to hold you over until our next conversation. I broke a finger skateboarding twoish weeks ago. It hurt. Typing's a chore because of it. Cool story I know.


      You're Missing Out, Mate (I sound like Sav now)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I know you're busy and stuff, but you're missing some solid gold in the chat.

    Sav: "Is that technically against the article guidelines though? I'm not sure off the top of my head."

    Sak: "I think it may have fallen in the Bacocaust."

    Sav: "You're saying it burned in the Battle of the Bacwater?"

    Sak: "I'm saying it went the way of Bacderaan."

    Sav: "It sailed into the Wikiaest?"

    Sak: "It journeyed off like OutBac Flight."

    Sav: "Ceti Brandon VI exploded, shifted the orbit of this wiki, and the manual of style was laid waste."

    My point is, if you have the time, you should drop by. We miss your company. Cheers.

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  • I just wanted to say hello.

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  • Respond to Savage you fool.

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  • "It was Christmas Eve mate
    In the wiki chat
    An old man said to me, won't see another one
    And then he sang a song
    The Rare Old Rogue One Dew
    I turned my face away
    And dreamed about you

    Got on a lucky one
    Came in eighteen to one
    I've got a feeling
    This year's for me and you
    So happy Christmas
    I love you baby
    I can see a better time
    When all our dreams come true

    They've got fics big as bricks
    They've got FAs of gold
    But the spam goes right through you
    It's no place for the old
    When you first took my hand
    On a cold Christmas Eve
    You promised
    Wookieepedia was waiting for me

    You were handsome
    You were pretty
    Mod of Star Wars wiki
    When the chat finished playing
    They howled out for more
    Sakaros was swinging,
    MPK was singing
    We missed (you) on a corner
    Then danced through the night

    Users of the SWF chat
    Were singing "Starship Bay"
    And the bells were ringing out
    For Christmas day

    You're an anon
    You're a bucket
    You're an old cheap sockpuppet
    Lying there almost dead on a drip in that bed
    You spammer, you vandal
    You cheap lousy page troll
    Happy Christmas your arse
    I pray God it's our last

    Users of the SWF chat
    Still singing "Starship Bay"
    And the bells were ringing out
    For Christmas day

    I could have been bureaucrat
    Well so could any admin
    You took sysop from me
    When I first found you
    I kept them with me babe
    I put them with my own
    Can't make it all alone
    I've built Star Wars Fanon around you

    Users of the SWF chat
    Still singing "Starship Bay"
    And the bells were ringing out
    For Christmas day"
    -Fairytale of Star Wars Fanon

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  • I was simply curious on how to insert those tables with the character information. 

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi! I finally got around to writing that script you suggested an eon ago. The code is still awaiting Staff approval, but you can check it out here if you'd like. I hope this helps!

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