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Merry LifeDay was a song by DeMoin Metal band SlipKnoT, from their third album, Third Edition. Although not released as a single the song became popular amongst fans of the band, regardless of (or perhaps because of) its questionable lyrical content.

The song was heavily played on HoloNet music channels; ironically however SlipKnoT themselves did not play the song at all during the Third Edition tour, performing it live only once.


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#8 Cor Tal


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Singles: Dual Nature | Veterans | SlipKnoT | End of Days | Kings of DeMoin | Darkness Returning | Inland Empire
Pulse of The Enemy | KoЯЯn | Version 2 | Death From Above| Third Edition | The Traitors' Anthem | PЯЯaesitlyn | Merry LifeDay


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