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Sith Crusade

Meridian campaign

61 ABY


61 ABY


Meridian sector


Sith conquest of the Meridian sector

Major battles

Battle of Elom, Battle of Troiken, Battle of Toola, Battle of Rhen Var



The Meridian campaign was the name given to a series of battles between the Sith Order of Decreto and the Meridian Confederation (backed by the Galactic Alliance) during the year 61 ABY. By the end of the campaign the entire Meridian Confederation had been wiped out, and the Galactic Alliance was in full retreat.


Battle of ElomEdit

Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Battle of Elom

The Battle of Elom was the first battle between the Decreton Empire and the Meridian Confederation. Having refused to become a dependent state to the growing Sith Empire the planet was decimated by Admiral Strasbourg and his fleet.

Battle of TroikenEdit

Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Battle of Troiken

The Battle of Troiken was the second battle between the Decreton Empire and the Meridian Confederation, but this time the Galactic Alliance became involved on the side of the Meridian Confederation. After a long and bloody battle both on the planet and in the space above the planet was conquered by Sith forces.

Battle of ToolaEdit

Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Battle of Toola

The Battle of Toola was not so much a battle, but more of a series of skirmishes. The planet was lightly defended due mainly to the reason that there was little to defend on the planet.

Battle of Rhen VarEdit

Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Battle of Rhen Var

The Battle of Rhen Var was the most devastating battle in the Meridian Campaign. Being the capital of the Confederation, it saw the total collapse of the government when the planet fell. The planet was then destroyed by the Sith.

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ElomTroikenToolaRhen Var

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