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I sometimes wonder if everything back long ago, when I ran away to fight the Empire, if life was easier and simpler, back then. Becuase it truly seems like it. How about you, Matteo? Do you still think life was better back then?"
"I was the only free man alongside a clan of women. Of course life was good back in the old days, you know, before the Vong came and ruined everything.

—Matteo Corlaso and Luke Skywalker discuss whether life was better under the Empire or fighting the Yuuzhan Vong.

Matteo Corlaso, born in 32 BBY was the son of Famill and Fath Corlaso, the husband of the Dathomiri witch Kira, and father of Krystal. Originally born on Dathomir, he was brought to Coruscant in 30 BBY and taken by Jedi to be trained as a Jedi Knight by Jabetto Soap. He abandoned the Jedi though when he found out they imprisoned his mother, who was a notorious Nightsister. After he struck a deal with Darth Sidious and was betrayed, Matteo was saved from death from his mother, though not before he was put into a coma for 12 years. After Famill's death, he went to Dathomir to hide from Darth Vader.

After spending four years on Dathomir and marrying Kira, Matteo met Darth Vader's former apprentice, and tried to stop Vader from killing him. Vader instead drove his former apprentice to madness by killing Juno Eclipse and forced Matteo to kill his newfound friend. Matteo then dueled Vader, a battle that he lost and was saved by Kira, and both escaped to join the Rebellion, leaving the existence of their daughter a secret. He did not stay for long: he was discovered by Vader, and was forced to go into hiding.

He lived peacefully on Dathomir until the Yuuzhan Vong War, where Kira met her end, and drove Matteo into a fury. He almost turned to the Dark Side, only coming back to the words of his daughter, Krystal. After the war, Matteo took a more active role in the Galaxy, rising through the ranks of Galactic Alliance Intelligence, and spying on the Sith Lord Darth Caedus during the Confederation-Galactic Alliance War. Matteo, however, became an enemy of the Jedi during the Eighty Day War. After leading an attack on the New Sith Order on former Sith Tahiri Veila's information, he refused to turn her in. He died by saving Ben Skywalker's life after dueling and defeating Darth Krayt, clearing his name among the Jedi.


Early LifeEdit

Matteo could be a Jedi, he has the potential. Why would you deny him a spot in the Jedi Order? He's alone, has nowhere else to go. He is rid of the witch that is is mother."
"The murder of his father, he witnessed and felt. Stays with you a lifetime, murder does.

Jabetto Soap and Yoda discuss Matteo's possible future as a Jedi.

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