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The manlas were a species of semi–sentient creatures native to Ragnatss.

Physical descriptionEdit

Manlas were tall creatures of about two meters in height. They had whale shark-like heads with two feelers, rows of teeth and red eyes. Additionally, they had large muscles, white underbellies, three toed claws and long tails with stinging barbs on the end. They were strong swimmers and were ambush predators. Unlike the fringlers, they only had gills. Males had large fins with red markings on their backs while females had smaller, yellow markings.


Manlas were very aggressive and did not tolerate trespassers. Often attacking foreign beings on sight, either with back-up or by themselves. Despite being only semi-sentient, they were smart enough to train unagis and doom whales as guard beasts. Unlike most creatures, they could eat Jell spheres with no adverse side effects from the poison. They killed prey by grabbing them in their jaws and shaking them. The fins were used to knock boats around and to send potential prey into the waters. They were mainly carnivorous but would eat almost anything, should they become hungry enough. They lived in tribes consisting of 30-70 members.

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