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Lemme ask you this: we're warriors, one of the greatest fighting forces in galactic history. We nearly destroyed the Republic, we've been toe-to-toe with Jedi with nothing more than blasters and swords, and have killed them by the thousands. Imagine us utilizing the same substance that make the Jedi what they are and twist it to our favor. What do you get?"
"Mandalorian Knights.

Aurek and Corso Marek[src]

The Mandalorian Knights, and hailed by the people of Sora as the Order of the Mandalorian Knights, were an order of Force-practitioners who accept the Mandalorian way of life. They were fully trained in the ways of the Force and rejected both the light and dark side of the Force, and were viewed as Gray by the New Jedi Order.

Originally a secret project started as the Knight Initiative by Force-sensitive Mandalorian scientist Arkon Uroth, exiled Jedi Knights Kes Okari and Rika Somed in order to produce Force-sensitive Mandalorian soldiers to fight for survival of the Mandalorian clans. It was purposed with waging war against the resurgent Sith Empire to ensure Mandalorian survival, after witnessing a vivid vision of the future of worlds on fire and a face of evil, Arkon grew fanatical on preventing the catastrophe and unintentionally sabotaged the hyperdrive of the Dorjander, sending them into the future.

Emerging approximately four thousand years later, they came into contact with an entirely new galaxy. They soon joined the New Mandalorian Crusaders in their conflict with the Kedd'ej Covenant to prevent the vision from happening.


Early historyEdit

Initially formed with the idea of studying the capabilities of Jedi conscripts with Mandalorian ideals fighting against the brutality of the resurgent Sith Empire by Arkanian scientist Arkon Uroth who had been inspired by the Mandalorian scientist Demagol as well as the rogue Jedi Dorjander Kace; the idea was quickly disregarded and overhauled as a new order of Force-sensitives after the attempted kidnapping of former Jedi Knights Kes Okari and Rika Somed, bred far from the passive ways of the Jedi Order and the savagery of the Sith Empire without completely overlooking each faction's strengths and weaknesses, named the Mandalorian Knights, an order of Mandalorian Force-users.


Being borne of former members of the Jedi Order, majority of the Mandalorian Knights organization is derived from the Order with several deviations.


During its inception, the Mandalorian Knights had no formal leadership as each of its founders considered themselves more as teachers than leaders but usually held counsel with each other on serious issues, however when the first class had completed the training regimen in 3659 BBY, Knight Aurek was chosen to be their formal leader as he had the natural capability to bond with and influence. Shortly after he created the Council to address important issues.


Marcus kiriyu by kaelacroftart-d8pso5f

Kes Okari, head trainer of the Knights

As each Knight became more experience in their training and power, they progressed through several ranks.

  • Initiate (commonly called New Blood and Hopeful) was the first and lowest rank in the Mandalorian Knights. This rank was bestowed upon new members regardless of age when they began their communal training. Once initiates are recruited they are placed in groups similar to the Jedi Order's clan system based on creatures, usually, from Mandalorian worlds.
  • Knight (commonly used colloquially with Master) was the second rank in the Mandalorian Knights. This rank was bestowed upon members regardless of age when they completed initial training in their communal clan.
  • Master (commonly used colloquially with Knight) was the third rank in the Mandalorian Knights. A Knight who showed great understanding of the Force and managed to instruct an Initiate and train them successfully to the level of a Knight was elevated to the rank of Master.
  • Battlemaster was an individual who was highly skilled and specialized in combat, similar to the Jedi Battlemaster, they were considered the premier combat instructor, ranging from unarmed combat to lightsaber combat. They typically operated the battle circle during training and held the rank of Master. One such Battlemaster was Master Rika Somed.

Service CorpsEdit

We may not wield lightsaber, but we are just as lethal. Trained to fight their kind.
—Ujiin Maryk on his rangers[src]
Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Jiin's Rangers

While most members of the Knights ability in the Force ranged from marginal to strong, there were few who were washed out due to lacking the ability to harness their power or were too weak in the Force to be Knight, these few usually continued as Reservists, better known as Jiin's Rangers, named after the first Knight "wash-out", the Bith Ujiin Maryk. They were considered the elite ground troops of the Knights and were highly trained to compensate for their inability to fully harness the power of the Force.

Armor and equipmentEdit



All Mandalorian Knights and Rangers were given standard-issue armor made from kul'n'ta, a highly resistant material comparable to beskar, the traditional metal used in the construction of Mandalorian armor, abundantly grown on Sora and its moon, Sorel.

All Force-sensitive Knights were gifted with durindfire crystals from a source on Tatooine for their lightsabers. Knights and Rangers were equipped with standard military equipment such as a wide variety of blasters and grenades, though mission loadout was usually left up to the individual.

Although a rare occurrence, the decision to utilize the armor and crystal was left to the individual, one notable instance was the Gray Jedi Serayah, who refused to wear the armor.

Behind the scenesEdit

In earlier drafts of Trials by Fire the Mandalorian Knights were supposed to be called the Mandalorian Preservers in honor of Mandalore the Preserver and were vastly different from their current counterpart.