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The Mand'alor Alliance, formally known as The Mand'alor's Bane was a organisation of Mandalorians whom decided to join forces with certain Jedi.The Organisation was founded on Mandalore, but later moved to Hoth.

Republic EraEdit

Now, with the help from the jedi, we will rid the galaxy of these sith scum!
—Dante to Fisto

In this time, a young mandalorian, Dante Orn'Fell, decided to make a secret alliance with Jedi Master Kit Fisto called The Mand'alor's Bane. The organisation set to work fighting the Deathwatch and The Seperatists under the cover of Mandalore's warlike nature. Dante was later killed by Count Dooku.

Hothscreen1 bg

Base on Hoth

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