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The Force is my ally. That is what I have relied on for over 20,000 years. And it has never failed me
—Mal-Kri Torlon

Mal-Kri Torlon, also known as Mal-Kri Torlon the Silver, was the first Jedi. Born to a father who was an elite warrior an a mother who could use the Force, both of whom were escaped fugitives of the Rakatan Infinite Empire, Mal-Kri had to live in hiding with his parents on Charros IV. by the age of 16, he had built a modern day silver lightsaber and was able to use the Force to affect anything, including his lightsaber blade. After reaching a point where he could be considered a Jedi Grand Master, he created the Old Jedi Order and trained his an apprentice, the first of the Skywalkers, Telkronis. He soon built up a reputation as the defender of justice as used the Force to make himself immortal until he sacrificed himself to destroy the Sith Lords Darth Zanos and Darth Orion. He lived as a force ghost but still contributed to the Galaxy for many millenia to come until he was eventually reborn in 37 ABY.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Mal-Kri Torlon was created by MaulYoda.

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