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The Majesty-class Battlecruiser was the final answer to Wolatarian security issues. With incredibly powerful torpedoes and rail cannons, it was considered a match for three Imperial I-class Star Destroyers.

Defensive and offensive strategy Edit

The shield design was even copied, and indeed upgraded, from the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer. The torpedoes on board were used in a three-to-four wave attack to destroy an enemy capital ship. The first wave was with ion warheads, equivalent of a planetary ion cannon. Fifteen to twenty of the ion torpedoes would fire, crippling shields and critical systems. Next a wave or two of ultra dense kinetic rounds would hit with the Force of a meteor, plowing holes through the armor and weakening the over all structure. The final wave would be several directed multi-megaton nuclear warheads into the most weakened sector of the ship, to vaporize remaining life forms, wipe out critical systems and breach the vessels reactor if possible. The torpedoes could also be used to attack planetary based targets. Against older Imperial vessels this was a very effective system, however with the advent of the modern Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer and their upgraded shielding, it took twice the firepower to disable the shields. By the time the shields were down, a Majesty-class Battlecruiser could be cut apart by the Star Destroyers hundreds of cannons.

The vessel also sported four launch bays and a “magazine" system for launching fighter and gunship complements. Stacked on top of each other in a magazine, the fighters or gunships were fueled, then could be launched one after another, along the launch chutes out of the bottom of the ship. Another launch bay could be opened from the base of the vessel to deploy the on board Liberty-class Transports.

Production Edit

Total, one hundred and twenty-nine Battlecruisers were built before the Great War. At the present time only three are know to remain.

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