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Magmos was a fiery lava world in the outer rim and was also home to the Magmarauders.


Magmos was a volcanic planet with seas of molten lava. Much of the surface was cooled-down magma, which was used by the natives to build their homes, and was covered in vast volcanoes. It was located near its star, the reason it was so barren and hot. It housed a variety of unique creatures that could survive on its barren surface. Because of the various similarities, it was sometimes mistaken for Mustafar. During the rise of the Empire era, a large CIS base was built, abandoned, found by Vong, abandoned again and remade into a capital by the Magmarauders.


The economy on Magmos was practically non-existent because the Magmarauders were too violent to need or want money and they often chased off everyone and everything that landed. Some of the bolder species go to mine various minerals housed on the planet, although it was wise to bring an escort of bodyguards along for protection against not only Magmarauders but also the incredibly dangerous Lava dragons.


Sentient species:

  • Magmarauders
  • Humans ( non-permanent)
  • Mustafarians (Immigrated)


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