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Magmarauders were a race of violent and brutish but sentient race of humanoids native to Magmos.

Physical descriptionEdit

Instead of a fleshy head, Magmarauders had black, burnt humanoid skull like heads wreathed in flames with two points jutting out of the chin and numerous larger spikescoming out of the head. Their skin was actually cooled magma, their blood was a lava like substance and instead of legs they could float by producing hot gasses from under them and thus enabling them limited floating abilities. They often were crudely constructed scraps of metal for armor and salvaged bits of cloth for thin capes. Their diet consisted of rocks and they drank lava, managing to retain it with strengthened organs. They were very aggressive, attacking anything that entered their territory.


Unlike most sentient species, the Magmarauders spent very little time on buildings preferring to fight with each other or to hunt lava dragons for sport more than anything else. What actual buildings they made were made of mud and dried out lava or magma. They lived in small clans consisting of twenty individuals. They were extremely xenomorphic, attacking even their own should they look different from the rest of a clan. Because of this frequent wars broke out between opposing clans and most had wiped each other out.


Because Magmos was of very little value very little actually happened. The Confederacy of Independent Systems, however, made a large base amongst the large volcanoes, considering the Magmarauders to be little more than nuisances. The location was known by few and CIS members who had survived Palpatine's wrath hid out here until they were no longer missed or joined the CIS remnants. When the Yuuzhan Vong arrived in the galaxy, they found the old Magmos base and turned it into their own. Because of the Magmarauders constant failed attacks, the Vong sent out patrols to wipe out any Magmarauders in a 500 mile radius. After the Vong were driven out the Magmarauders took over the base and used as a kind of capital city, building large mud/magma houses around it.

Notable membersEdit

The most notable Magmarauder was Darth Flar, the second oldest son of a rival to the clan's leadership. He later joined a strange cult and became second-in-command of it.

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