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The MC107 was a one-of-a-kind Super Star Defender built to defend the New Republic from its enemies. Built two years after the Battle of Endor, the MC107 was the flagship of the First Fleet. Under the command of the protocol droid Y-3PO, the ship was launched from Mon Calamari.

Missions Edit

The MC107 and her fleet were sent on lots of missions during the ship's 29 year tenure as flagship of the New Republic. The ship MC107 was originally supposed to be an extremely strong Corellian corvette with hundreds of turbolasers. The MC107 was sent on its first mission to mine the asteroid Ythoniapo for thronoium, a new substance discovered by a Corellian scout. Next, the ship was sent on a fact-finding mission to Coruscant to see if it was safe to move the capital there, which it was. Later that year, she was sent to Mon Calamari in order to transport the 500 Coruscant delegates that helped them find a suitable site for the New Palace. At the last sighting, the ship was on its way to Endor to give 5,000 Ewoks a transport to their new colony on Coruscant.

Notable officers Edit

Some notable officers aboard the MC107 include Rayna, an Ewok tactical officer, and T-3PO, a silver protocol droid that accompanies Rayna through her voyages. They survived an Imperial attack on the MC107 that nearly send T-3PO into space, an invasion of bats, and even the H04 killer droid's attack on the GG84 service globe they were in.

Construction Edit

Although the MC107 was suspected to be built at Mon Calamari, it was actually built at Endor Shipyard One. The only shipyard big enough had to be found, and ESO was the one. The officers that built it were all Ewoks, so the Ewoks transported to Coruscant were extremely happy to be on "an Ewok star cruiser". The ship's construction included over 50,000 Ewoks working during the day to build the huge star defender. Also, three protocol droids were in the crew. During construction, the I-3PO droid noted that the Ewoks spoke a strange dialect, the same thing the legendary C-3PO noted as well.

Last sighting Edit

In her last sighting, the MC107 was on its way to Endor to give some Ewoks transport to Coruscant. Well, anyway, they actually meant 15,000 Ewoks. They had to sleep in storage globes because there weren't enough rooms for those furry little creatures. Several protocol droids accompanied "squads" of Ewoks throughout the vessel, explaining features and consoles to the creatures.

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