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Republic pilots may be good, but they're not good enough to take down the Lymie."
"Do you even realize how funny that name sounds when attached to a ship? It sounds so...feminine.

Ryluk Shouja to Lymie[src]

Lymie Chamna Shouja was a Coruscanti woman, the daughter of the trader Akak Chamna. She studied neurosurgery and became a prominent surgeon until leaving the medical field to marry Ryluk Shouja on Melona 28, the day her parents had been married. She gave birth to a son, named Akak after her father in 22 BBY, after which their small family moved to the Outer Rim. In 15 BBY, Lymie gave birth to her second child, Corinne.

Lymie lived the life of a farmer's wife after moving to the Rim, and died of old age in 57 BBY.


Early lifeEdit

Lymie Chamna was born to Akak Chamna and his wife, Nal in 55 BBY on Coruscant. In her early years, she lived with her mother while her father, a Coruscanti trader, traipsed across the galaxy making a living for his wife and daughter.

Nal Chamna died in 50 BBY, while Lymie was just a toddler. Her father returned home and tried to care for his daughter as best he could, taking her with him on his trading journeys and such. On one such journey, Akak went to J't'p'tan to trade furs of exotic animals and Lymie, who was twelve at the time, but very tough for her age decided to explore the city on her own. She carried a small blaster, given to her by her father, for protection and went off, leaving her father a note informing him of where she was.

She was walking through an alley, a shorter route back to her ship than the main roads when she found Ryluk Shouja, lying in the gutter and waiting for his body to bleed itself out. The tenderhearted girl applied the synthflesh bandage that she was carrying with her and carried the boy gently back to the ship, where her father took the young lad in and treated him. The trader's vessel left port with Ryluk Shouja and the Chamna family became a trio.

Akak died in 39 BBY of a rare, untreatable heart disease. Both Lymie and Ryluk, who was still living with the family mourned his passing extensively. After a while, the two of them moved to Corellia permanently. Lymie attended the Corellian Medical College there and became a neurosurgeon, doing quite well for herself. Ryluk put his money in stock of various Corellian companies, making several very shrewd decisions based on past and present performance. With the remainder of his money, he bought a wreck of a Pursuer-class enforcement ship, registering it with the Corellian Traffic Commission as the Lymie in honor of his secret love.

When Lymie learned of the dubbing of his ship, she was very embarrassed and asked him the reason for the "outrageous name," as she called it. "It was the only way I could think of to show my love for you," he told her. After that moment she realized how much she loved him. Ryluk proposed to her, and she accepted. The wedding was scheduled for Melona 28, 36 BBY in honor of Lymie's parents, who were married on that same day thirty-two years previous.


I am fully qualified to cut open people's heads.
—Lymie Chamna to Erudite[src]

Lymie studied at the Corellian School of Medical Research in Coronet, earning a degree in neurosurgery. She graduated near the top of her class and spent several years working on Corellia, earning a living for herself while Ryluk was in the Unknown Regions of the galaxy.

Neurosurgery did not suit her, however. She excelled at the work she did, but did not enjoy working with biological beings as much as she enjoyed tinkering with mechanical components. She knew that neurosurgery would not keep her interest forever, but until she could find a solid mechanics job that paid well enough to keep her relatively comfortable, neurosurgery suited her purposes. Despite the often long hours required of her, Lymie managed to find time to fiddle with mechanical things, keeping her spirits up while she endured her present job.

The situation changed considerably when Ryluk returned from the Unknown Regions. He was suddenly combat trained and possessed a strange blaster he said had been given to him by some friends he met in the outer reaches of the galaxy. Ryluk's return and sale of quite a bit of stock that had been sitting idle while he was gone allowed Lymie to quit her job and take another in a garage, where she was much happier at work.

Life with the bounty hunterEdit

In 24 BBY, Lymie was kidnapped by a the Hutt crimelord Gibranna's honor guard of Cathar, and taken to a hidden base on a remote, uncharted planet in the Outer Rim. Ryluk tracked them there and found his bride, taking her and a Wookiee back with him. The Wookiee's name was Vakanem. Vakanem was a renowned Wookiee warrior who had found his way to the wrong side of Gibranna's favor.

Vakanem declared a life debt to Ryluk, and indirectly to Lymie. There was no shortage of problems after Lymie's escape, as the Cathar Honor Guard struggled mercilessly to avenge their fallen leader. There were several assassination attempts, so Ryluk brought home a TacSpec Corporation FIII Footman Droid, named Erudite, for protection. In spite of this precaution, a group of Trandoshan mercenaries broke through the defenses and shot Lymie in the back. However, it was a minor blast, and she was able to recover quickly after a brief stay in a hospital.

She followed him on his crusade to protect them against the last remaining Cathar of the Cathar Honor Guard of Gibranna, and stayed with him through his adventures with the Confederacy of Independent Systems, when he was paid to sabotage the Clone Facility on Kamino, and even when he joined the Mukhabarat.

The final yearsEdit

Seven years after Lymie gave birth to Akak, and while she was pregnant with Corinne, Ryluk resigned from the Mukhabarat and sold the Shouja Mansion to the Corellian Historical Society and took his wife to a planet in the Outer Rim, where they adopted the life of farmers.

Akak moved offworld to pursue the life of a mercenary in 3 ABY, but Corinne stayed with her parents and married a local farmer. Lymie was often seen surrounded by her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, even up until her death, when she was nearly blind and could barely move due to severe arthritis.


Lymie died of old age in 57 ABY at the age of 107, only two months after her husband had passed away. She was buried next to her husband on their small farm in the Outer Rim. After the funeral, Corinne, her husband, her children, and her grandchildren moved back to Corellia, where the Urstath family remained for generations.