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The Lymie was the pride and joy of the bounty hunter Ryluk Shouja. She was a heavily-modified Pursuer-class enforcement ship purchased at a scrap heap on Corellia.


Humble beginningEdit

The Lymie began as a patrol ship used by a low-key Mandalorian warrior who believed that strength was not everything, rather the focus was intelligence. The warrior therefore did not upgrade his craft, and when he got into a dogfight in the Corellian sector with a Sullustan, he was handily defeated. The Sullustan let the Mandalorian off alive with a warning, but the Lymie was beyond the meager repair skills of the warrior.

After the battle, the would-be warrior scrapped the ship on Corellia, buying a passage to a backwater planet where he could drink his troubles away with a few glasses of strong ale, and the Pursuer-class enforcement ship sat in the scrap heap.

Two years later Ryluk came along and saw the potential in the rusting old ship and bought it for a fair price, although the ship devastated his savings. He rented a small hangar at a local shipport for a fair price and spent every waking hour not involved in catering to Lymie or playing the stock market working on the ship.

The final repair work was completed three weeks after the purchase of the Pursuer, revealing a gleaming starship with decent weapons and targeting systems and military-grade shield generators, which Ryluk christened the Lymie in honor of his secret love.

Lymie was embarrassed by this gesture and even flatly refused to have the ship named after her until she realized that it was out of Ryluk's love for her that he named the ship, and that the attention he showed her was not merely out of common courtesy, but out of true love.

First flightEdit

Ryluk took the Lymie up for her first flight shortly after the christening, taking Lymie with him. His soon to be fiancée gazed in awe at the view from space, and the ease with which Ryluk handled the controls. She marveled at the flight capabilities of the ship, commenting on the way that Ryluk had completely redesigned the cockpit to give it an "almost romantic" look.

The "almost romantic" look ended quite suddenly with the appearance of the Sullustan that had so handily beaten the Mandalorian two years previous. The Lymie was hailed by the Sullustan and re-challenged on the grounds of the short alien's last words to the Mandalorian many years previous.

As the Lymie took the first blast, her newly-repaired and tested shields easily handled the stress of a laser blast and the dogfight began. It ended with minimal damage to the Lymie and extensive damage to the Sullustan's ship, and the Sullustan retreated.

The Sullustian later died of injuries sustained in combat with Ryluk.

Service under the bounty hunterEdit

The Lymie saw extensive service under Ryluk, beginning with his first mission, which was successful and worried Lymie intensely. The ship became Ryluk's main mode of transportation, and as time went by, the bounty hunter remodeled the interior so that there were several rooms as well as cells, a dejarik table, and a Sabacc table.

Militarily, Ryluk installed a backup shield generator, Civilian Class I, installed an advanced holoflage generator and sensor-stealth system that rendered it invisible except to the most wary eye and most sensitive sensors, and state-of-the-art weapons and targeting systems, including a concussion missile launcher.

The holoflage system used exceptional amounts of power, and burned out its single power cell very quickly and tied up the mainframe computer. Ryluk later installed several power cells and another mainframe devoted to the holoflage system, which could render the ship invisible for more than two minutes, while performing hyperspace or targeting calculations. Coupled with the sensor-stealth, Ryluk could penetrate most defenses without their even realizing his existence.

Ryluk also developed an alternate transponder code for the Lymie, which identified it as the Honorable Mercenary. Ryluk successfully used the transponder to escape detection and to avoid trouble with the governing authorities.

After Ryluk completed his mission to Kamino and took the alternate identity of Lord Fenron, the Lymie was stored in an underground hangar to keep it out of sight of prying eyes, and was not flown again until late in the Clone Wars.

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