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Lux Bonteri was the son of the Separatist Senator Mina Bonteri and Jav Bonteri who lived with his mother on Raxus. He served the Galactic Republic after his mother was killed by Count Dooku. Until the Empire was formed, Lux Bonteri returned to his home world, and served the Alliance to Restore the Republic.


Peace between the Republic and ConfederacyEdit

Lux lived in the Separatist capital of Raxus at his mother's home. He was devastated when his father was killed in a Republic attack on Aargonar. He knew that his father had a good and kind heart in him. Mina worried about her son's future and outlook on the galaxy. Lux did not feel comfortable with the Separatists, and he always dreamed of doing other things in case the war came to an end.

When Ahsoka Tano and Senator Padmé Amidala visited his mother in order to broker peace between the two galactic powers, Lux and Ahsoka discussed the nature of war and how it led to misunderstandings. Lux illustrated that despite Ahsoka's dealings with Separatists like General Grievous and Asajj Ventress, she had never taken the time to meet an average citizen in the Confederacy such as himself. Lux had true feelings for her, but decided to keep it hidden from her since she was a Jedi.

Following the failed attempt to broker a truce between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy, his mother was assassinated by Count Dooku's thugs. Lux was devastated when he heard about the death of his mother, and began to feel like he was all alone.

At one time, he had dealings with the Nightsisters, three in particular: Luce, Shadow, and Sa.

Serving the EmpireEdit

After the Galactic Empire was formed in 19 BBY, Lux Bonteri served as a senator in the Imperial Senate when Palpatine declared all Jedi enemies of the Empire. Lux did not believe that the Jedi were in fact "evil" because his old friend, Ahsoka Tano, was never an enemy to the Galactic Republic. He was very suspicious about Palpatine's role as Emperor, and wanted to find out what the Emperor was hiding. Knowing that it was all a lie, Lux Bonteri left the Imperial Senate when he found out about Palpatine's true nature.

When Lux was outside the city, he was nearly shot by Aurra Sing who was hired to assassinate him. Lux's aides defended him and tried to hold him off for him to escape. His aides were killed, but Lux was able to escape. Lux returned to his homeworld, and spoke to the people about the Empire. He explained that the wars between the Republic and the Confederacy were all a set-up, and promised to arrange peace for the planet. All the people cheered his leadership and became part of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

Battle of Rhen VarEdit

Around 2 BBY, Princess Leia Organa visited Raxus and met with Lux about making the Empire a democracy. Lux accepted her wishes, and was ordered to lead several troops to Rhen Var. They built a large Rebel base allowing other rebels to gain information about the Empire's plans. A year later, the Empire discovered this, and led an attack force. Lux was cautious, and ordered several pilots on snow speeders to take down the walkers. After the walkers were taken down, storm troopers began to enter the base. Lux defended the base, and killed as many storm troopers as he could until he was badly shot in the shoulder. Eventually, he and several of his men were taken as prisoners, and Lux feared that his men's lives would be at risk.

Lux and his men were taken to the first Death Star where they met with Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader. He and his men were forced to give the names of all the rebels or allies that were part of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Lux refused to cooperate with Palpatine's desires and never gave any information about all the rebels in hiding. Vader force choked him, but Emperor Palpatine ordered him to let him go. Lux and his men were held in a cell until a squad of storm troopers appeared. The Storm troopers were in fact rebels in disguise sent by Leia Organa to rescue Lux. Lux and the rebels managed to escape the Death Star and return to Corella to meet with Leia Organa.

Battle of KaminoEdit

After General Rahm Kota was sounding a retreat, Lux arrived with reinforcements to counter-attack the Imperial ships. Taking command of the Alliance forces under General Kota, Lux ordered his crew to fire their laser cannons at several of the Star Destroyers. Kota contacted Lux to meet him down at the planet so they could destroy enemy cloning facilities. Lux gathered a squad with him and used a a pod to land down on the planet and regroup with Kota and his crew.

Meeting at the landing platform, Lux and Kota led the troops towards the city with the intent of destroying the cloning facilities. They briefly confronted Boba Fett, but the bounty hunter immediately escaped. Lux fired several shots, but Kota told him to save his blaster ammunition. Entering the domed city, Bonteri and Kota led their forces to a control center with the intent of opening up the hangar doors. They were ambushed by sniper fire and Lux was badly shot in the arm. Two of his men dragged him to safe spot where one of his medics bandaged him. Lux could still fight, and shot as many snipers as possible until Starlight arrived and eliminated the snipers. While Lux and Kota were securing the command center, Starlight was able to open the hanger doors, allowing Alliance starfighters to enter the city and provide support to the ground troops.

Fighting through the city towards the cloning facilities, Kota, Bonteri, and the the Alliance troops came upon Boba Fett once more. Charging at the bounty hunter, Kota ordered Lux and the troops to take Fett alive. Fett, however, killed several of Kota and Lux's men. As Kota was grounded down by the bounty hunter, Lux grabbed Boba and fought him, but he was no match against him. Kneeling next to Kota, Lux ordered PROXY to attack; the droid used his holographic systems to appear as Fett's father, Jango Fett. Fett was distracted by the appearance of his father, and PROXY made good use of the confusion.

Accompanied by more Alliance troops, Lux, Kota, and PROXY rejoined with Starlight on one of Timira City's landing platforms. With the Dark Lord at his mercy, Starkiller was prepared to kill him for everything he had endured at Vader's hands. Kota and Lux managed to stop him in time and told Starlight to let him live. Starlight, despite hating Vader and having believed that the Dark Lord had killed Juno Eclipse during their duel, relented and spared his life. As Kota ignited his lightsaber and pointed it at Vader, Lux ordered the troops to bound him.

With the Alliance victory at Kamino, Lux, along with Kota, Starlight, and Eclipse prepared to transfer Vader to the Alliance's hidden base on the planet Dantooine. Lux reported their achievements to Leia Organa, who told them to be proud of their accomplishment, and that the capture of Vader would be a turning point for the Alliance.

Battle of HothEdit

Years later, Lux Bonteri became a skilled pilot in the Rebel Alliance, and traveled to the Hoth system to meet with Leia Organa. Knowing that Luke was missing, Lux planned to send some of his men to look for him, but Leia told him that was risky for the men to die during a snow storm. Lux visited Luke when he was fully recovered.

As the Empire drew near the system, Lux was present when Leia was explaining to all the rebel pilots about the plan to escape the planet. Lux partnered up with a skilled pilot, and flew next to Commander Skywalker. During the fight, Lux was nearly hit by one of the walkers, and he managed to fire his harpoon, and took down two walkers. Luke believed that he was the best pilot in the Rebel Alliance. Just when Luke's speeder was hit, Lux saw that Luke was about to get squashed by the walkers. He quickly fired his harpoon, and took down the walker before it could get close to Luke.

The Rebels sounded the retreat, and Lux was one the fighters to flee from the battle. He quickly landed at a safe zone, and took off by one of the transports.

Rescuing Male-DeeEdit

As Male-Dee was captured by Senator Pel Talon, Lux led some rebels to rescue him. They managed to board on the Blackjack, but stumble across Talon's guards. Lux took action, and fought against the guards until Talon held Male-Dee in a gun point. Lux ordered his men to drop the weapons, and come quietly in order to keep the senator alive, but Male-Dee quickly took out a dagger, and stabbed Talon on the leg. Lux and the group rescued the senator, and took him back to the Rebel Headquarters.

The RebellionEdit

During the early days of the Rebellion, Lux, along with many rebels stole many ARC-170 starfighters and BTL-B Y-wing starfighters that the Empire left behind during the Clone Wars.

In 4 ABY, Lux regrouped with the rebel forces before the Battle of Kashyyyk (First Galactic Civil War), knowing that it was the Alliance's best chance to defeat the Empire by destroying both its terror weapon Death Star II and its leader, Palpatine, effectively ripping the regime's heart out. Lux remembered Senator Lott Dodd from the Trade Federation, and didn't take any chances to trust him since he was too chummy with the Separatists. Lux didn't want to remind the old days, and wanted to continue fighting for the Rebel Alliance in order to restore peace to the Republic.

Led by General Lando Calrrsian, Lux was Brown Leader, and led all the fighters to destroy the Imperial Tie Fighters and the Star Destroyers. Lux quickly swooped around, and shot a few fighters that were one Wedge's tail. Lux was confused how the Star Destroyers were not even attacking, but he founds out that the the Imperials were only keeping the Rebels from escaping, due to the Death Star's laser beam. Lux didn't want to leave the battle field since he and Lando were giving enough time for the Rebels and the Wookiees to destroy the main reactor to shot down the shield.

As the shield was down, Lux, and several fighters went with Lando, to destroy the core of the Death Star. Lux stood behind Wedge while the rest of the Alliance fighters were drawing several of the enemy tie fighters away. Lux, Lando, and Wedge manage to get out before the Death Star was about to blow up.

After the Galactic Civil War ended, Lux returned to his homeworld where the people of Raxus cheer for him and the pilots that fought with him.

Behind the scenesEdit

Bonteri was voiced by Jason Spisak. In the The Empires Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi, he is portrayed by Daniel Cudmore.

Lux Bonteri adult

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