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This is a list of phrases, interjections, slang, insults, and expletives used in the galaxy.


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  • As comically clumsy as a dancing Vippit - a simile refering to the Vippit species' ungainly way of moving
  • As stealthy as a Hssiss - a simile commonly used among Sith, though most are ignorant of its origins. It refers to the Hssiss species and their unnatural ability to become invisible.


  • BDUabbrv. "Battle-dress uniform." Term adopted to describe a certain type of military uniform, most often worn as utility clothing.[1]
  • Been on the spit — Common military slang term for someone who has experienced combat; "Sergeant Pavan knows what it's like—he's been on the spit..." Based on the archaic Civil War term "seen the elephant."[2]
  • Bingo — Military parlance for the point where maximum range or endurance in the field has been reached. Most commonly used by vehicle pilots, it refers to a craft's fuel state, and is announced when it is time to end the exercise or combat in order to successfully return to base. Based on the real life brevity code expression. [3]
  • Blind as a Drijoken - Pola ref e Doine - an Eniamo simile. In truth, Drijoken have excellent vision in dim light, but are easily dazzled and even permanently blinded by intense light.
  • Blue face - A term used to describe people who have been deprived of oxygen for a time. [4]
  • Blue-skinned cruel beings - a term used by the galaxy, but invented by an unknown primitive race to describe the fact that half of every Omwati in the galaxy were Sith.
  • Buck sergeant — Military slang for the lowest grade of sergeant. Common within the Galactic Republic's military forces.
  • Bug — A derogatory term for a member of an insectoid sentient species.[5][6]
  • By Tarkin's ghost - A term of surprise used by the Galactic Empire after 0 ABY.[4]


  • Capúla — an offensive, often insulting profanity used by mobsters with a number of meanings. Similar to kriffer, fucker, bastard, or asshole.
  • Civvies — Common military slang term used to refer to one's civilian attire, apart from their military uniforms.[2]
  • Cluster-knock — A term for a situation or set of circumstances that has gone profoundly awry; an extremely messy situation resulting from multiple failures and/or setbacks. Based on the military colloquialism clusterfuck. [7]
  • COabbrv. "Commanding Officer." Common shorthand used in reference to a service individual who commands a unit or vessel; chiefly military terminology.[2] Also shorthand for "Corrections Officer."[5][6]
  • Coral licker— coined by Sicemonite citizens. Someone who tries to get ahead by falsely complimenting or copying a person. More commonly, it is used for a being that has a relationship with another solely for status or money.
  • Coreward — 1. adj; Common term used to describe something in the galaxy that is further inward, toward the Core Worlds. 2. verb; The act of moving toward the Core of the galaxy.
  • Corellian Ritzn; A posh hotel on Corellia, often used to describe either a location's opulence, or lack thereof; this dump sure isn't the Corellian Ritz.
  • Covering fire — A military action, usually infantry-based, where a fire team(s) or a unit directs their fire at the general direction of the enemy while allies maneuver themselves to new positions.
  • CQCabbrv. "Close-Quarters Combat." Military term for close-ranged combat with ranged or melee weapons in small areas, such as aboard starships or in urban environments.[7]


  • Damn dirty apetrans. Wiq renl troia — an Eniamo derogatory term for Keaarglrs
  • Dantooinian firing squad — A pejorative term used to insult one's intelligence or a group's strategy. Literal-Dantooinian military would stand in a circle, with blaster weapons, intending to execute a being in the center. As a result, the participants would blast each other in the process.
  • Datapad handoff — A seemingly menial task for which one has been ill-prepared; entering a situation without any sort of brief or foreknowledge. Common Republic military slang.[1]
  • DIabbrv. "Drill instructor." Common shorthand used in reference to an instructor at a military, paramilitary or police force training academy.
  • Dirtdownadj. Popular, often derogatory term used by spacers to refer to someone or something being or located on the surface of a planet. adv. The act of landing on a planet; we're going dirtdown for supplies.
  • Don't shed off your second skin! — An expression for when a being is overreacting. [8]
  • Dustoff — Military colloquialism referring to the act of dispensing troops onto a battlefield by vehicle, either ground, air, or spaceborne origin, and whether as part of combat operations or in practice.[9]


  • Esk trill aurekabbrv. "Estimated time [to] arrival." Shorthand used by military personnel when referring to the anticipated or impending time and/or date a destination is to be reached, either from the point of view of a traveler or one who awaits an arrival (contrast with ETC), with "esk," "trill" and "aurek" representing the first letters of each word.
  • Esk trill creshabbrv. "Estimated time [to] completion." Shorthand used by military personnel when referring to the anticipated or impending time and/or date a task is to be completed (contrast with ETA), with "esk," "trill" and "cresh" representing the first letters of each word.



  • Grek Herf Beshabbrv. Street name of glycohydroxy-benzoate, a drug that is illegal in many sectors.
  • Grit and gundarks — Slang phrase used to refer to a person who is emotionally-charged or who seems eager for a physical confrontation; filled with enough grit to take on a gundark.[10]
  • Gruntn. Military colloquialism for a basic infantry soldier, a common trooper without rank or responsibility; typically derisive or self-deprecating in nature. Common throughout the known galaxy but most often used in the Republic Army and Marine Corps.
  • Gunnyabbrv. Short for Gunnery Sergeant or Master Gunnery Sergeant; often used to denote affection or esprit de corps toward a holder of that rank within a military unit. This also applied to civilians who once held the rank at some point prior to their retirement or discharge.[7]
  • Guns guns guns! — Brevity code used by Republic Navy and Marine starfighter pilots when communicating with soldiers on the ground, indicating the firing of laser cannons at nearby targets.[3]


  • Hardpoint — Military terminology with several definitions: 1. initial invasion location; 2. external attachment points for various ordnance on starfighters and other military craft; 3. a solid place behind which one can seek refuge from incoming enemy blasterfire
  • Hard contact — Indicates engaging enemy in combat (military term)[11]
  • Humpv. Military term generally used to refer to the hauling of supplies, equipment, or casualties to or from the combat zone by foot. "The speeder truck broke down so we had to hump the wounded out."[2]


  • In a Coruscant minute — Literal: ten seconds ago. A colloquial expression common in the Galactic Republic, used when stating the need to get something accomplished quickly. Based on the expression New York minute. [3]
  • I've got tone — Brevity code used by Republic Navy and Marine starfighter pilots to indicate that they have achieved missile lock on an enemy fighter or warship.[3]


  • Jarhead — Colloquial term for a soldier or officer who served with the Republic Marines; the term was a reference to the cylindrical appearance of their first battle helmets.[9]
  • Jaw-jacking — 1. Slang term used by Galactic Republic military officers and NCOs to refer to various kinds of discussion that impeded the performance of their subordinates. 2. Idle conversation taking place during a mission.[2]
  • Jax Schmax — A commonly-used fictional name used to identify a normal, everyday individual, particularly if that individual does not possess any social status in contrast to a group. Based on the real-world usage of "Joe Schmoe."


  • KPabbrv. "Kitchen Patrol." Term for a common form of non-official disciplinary action whereupon a soldier would be assigned to duty in the field kitchen or mess hall.[2]


  • Leth creshabbrv. "Like crystal." Slang term used by military personnel to express comprehension, with "leth" and "cresh" representing the first letters of each word. Used in response to "Is that clear?"[2]
  • Looking for a quark in a mole of deuterium — Popular spacer saying used to express the feeling that a given endeavor was unlikely to bear fruit; based on the real-world aphorism "wild goose chase."


  • Meat droidadj. Derogatory slang term used by different organizations at different times in history. Republic soldiers used it during the Old Sith Wars to refer to common Sith troopers to emphasize their blind obedience and lack of visible organic features; civilians and non-clone military personnel sometimes used the term to refer to Clone troopers during the Clone Wars.
  • Meat-pieadj. Derogatory slang term widely-used within the Republic Military to refer to new recruits; most often applied in reference to females.[2]
  • Mistsn. An adaptable Gand expression, used in various phrases such as "What in the mists is going on?"[6] Variations include "by the mists" and "of the mists," and if the individual were off-planet, "mists of the homeworld."[2]
  • Moo — "Moo I need (insert name here)", meant that the person was young and someone older needed them.


  • Nerf-spit also nerfspit—An expletive that usually refers to one's distaste in a subject, as in "This is a load of nerf-spit."[5]


  • O-Courseabbrv. Shorthand term used in reference to any kind of obstacle course used for military training.[2]
  • Officer country — Common military term for a barracks or part of a barracks where officers were billeted, usually apart from enlisted personnel and non-commissioned officers. Generally described as being of better overall quality.[2]
  • On the double! — Common military and paramilitary saying used to convey the need for haste. Literal: "at the double quick;" a running pace equal to twice that of normal marching.[2]
  • Opchanabbrv. "Operations channel." Military shorthand for any communications frequency or channel; often used in reference to tactical communications between field units, support units, and the overall chain of command.[2]
  • OpForabbrv. "Opposing/opposition Force." Military shorthand designation for the opposing team in field exercises ranging in size from squad-level firefights to simulated battalion engagements. Most often used by members of the Republic Army, Navy, and Marine Corps.
  • Overwatch — Military terminology with several definitions: 1. the monitoring of a given area from an elevated, secured or mobile location and giving reports on developing situations or ongoing movements. 2. the act of providing tactical updates from such a position.[10]


  • Pads-up — Common military expression used to denote time of vehicle liftoff—when a vehicle's landing pads leave the ground or deck; this was considered the starting point of any mission. Could apply to the launching of starfighters, the dropping-off of troop transports, or the departure of shuttles. "Snap it up, we're pads-up in three minutes!"[2]
  • POabbrv. Shorthand with multiple definitions, including "probation officer," "parole officer"[5] or "petty officer."
  • Poo-doo — A general expletive, most commonly used in the colonized Outer Rim territories. Its exact meaning and origin are unknown.
  • Pure Pazaak — the ability to accomplish something easily that others generally find difficult. Originated by pazaak players when they achieved a score of Twenty (20) or "pazaak".
  • PXabbrv. Short for "post exchange," an establishment within most military bases where soldiers and officers can purchase military-related items, general supplies, or recreational goods and materials.


  • Quark-for-brains! — Pejorative colloquial phrase generally used to describe a being exhibiting the symptoms of low intelligence; essentially, an idiot. Popular among spacers and members of the military from throughout the galaxy.


  • Rimward — 1. adj; Common term used to describe something in the galaxy that is further outward, toward the Outer Rim. 2. verb; The act of moving toward the Outer Rim of the galaxy.
  • Rotor-headtrans. Derogatory Sa'ari slang term for pilots of Leeward and Monitor helicopters; most often used by Ellipse fighter pilots.


  • Sand dweller — Derogatory term used to refer to Keferiqans. Considered highly offensive. Originated from the Keferiqans propensity for settling desert worlds, plus their homeland, which was a desert planet.
  • Sargen. Common diminutive form of sergeant; most often used as an affectionate term by enlisted military personnel.[2]
  • Scuttlebuttn. Common military slang which refers to idle conversation of a speculative nature. Akin to "rumor mill" in civilian usage; often the source of non-official or lightly-classified information dispensed to unauthorized parties.[2]
  • Shitn. An adaptable Gand expletive that defies translation into Galactic Basic Standard. Often used by Tuffass and eventually adopted as a slang term by members of the Republic Military.[2]
  • Skycladadj. Colloquial term used to refer to being naked, often used by military personnel.
  • SNAKUabbrv. "Situation Normal, All Karked Up." Used to express disgust at the current situation. Most often used by members of the Republic Army, Navy, and Marine Corps. Based on the real-world aphorism "SNAFU."[7]
  • Spazjya! — Ancient Sa'arese expletive; though no modern translation existed, its connotation was so vile that its utterance was considered a base vulgarity. Only used in expressions of extreme anger or frustration.[10]
  • Sunrider's Blade! — An exclamation used when the speaker is surprised, stunned, or shocked. Used mostly by Jedi or former Jedi, including Kha-Liim Dardray, Julise Mukan, Alexa Tirava and other Force-users of the Old Republic.
  • Sunshine and Bilars — Colloquial expression used to infer that a certain situation is or was pleasant, referencing the genial nature of the Bilar species. In practice, however, it is most often used to highlight an unpleasant contrast. Not everything was sunshine and Bilars...
  • Suppressive fire — Refers to the military action done by infantry or other military units that uses fire to temporarily incapacitate an enemy's own ability to fire or move while an ally maneuvers to a new position.


  • Tacabbrv. Short for "tactical." Common military and paramilitary prefix applied to anything relating to operations, ranging from comm frequencies to weapons modifications. "Switch your comlink to tac-three and scramble."[2]
  • Tail-end charlay — Common colloquialism used to refer to the rearmost person or vehicle within a group or formation. Commonly thought of as a bad place to be, particularly when used in a military context.[2]
  • Temple eyes — Naivete, a lack of understanding of the real world. Used mostly by Jedi or former Jedi, including Julise Mukan, Alexa Tirava and other Force-users of the Old Republic.


  • UAabbrv. Shorthand for "unauthorized absence," a term to describe military personnel who do not report back to their unit at the end of a period of liberty or furlough.
  • Uetn. Sa'ari unit of measurement used to describe length; equal to approximately half a standard meter.[10]
  • Utinni — A Jawaese term for astonishment or shock. It could also mean various other things depending the mood of the Jawa and/or if the Jawa was using pheromones for emphasis.



  • Walk dragv. Military parlance for the act of one soldier taking up the hindmost place in a line of march, with the intent of putting stragglers back into formation. "The gunny's walking drag, so you better not fall out or you'll catch hell."
  • Wild lokta chasetrans. Sa'ari expression used to describe an activity as being unworthy of pursuit or wasteful of time and resources, comparing it to running down a wild lokta bird on foot.


  • XOabbrv. Military terminology for a unit or warship's executive officer, the being who is second-in-command.


  • Yesterday's Hutt-food — Widely-used phrase among the galaxy's fringe, typically employed when referring to the generally poor condition, quality or nature of something.
  • You make a rancor decide he's not hungry anymore — A highly offensive term used across the galaxy, the phrase refers to rancors and their seemingly unsatisfiable hunger.
  • You wouldn't know which end of a blaster makes the bright light — A general epithet intended to highlight the ignorance or stupidity of a being or droid, depending on context.


  • Zoomietrans. Derogatory Sa'ari slang term for pilots of Ellipse-class fighters; most often used by Leeward and Monitor crews.

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