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Height of average adult

3 meters

Average length

80 feet

Skin color

red, green


carnivorous diet, alternating skin color, spikes, forked tongue, weak arms

Linder-snakes were giant carnivorous serpents native to the planet Acra.


Linder-snakes were incredibly long, becoming as long as 80 feet in length. Their skin alternated between red and green, they had a row of spikes on their backs, had slit like nostrils, long forked tongues and oddly enough two medium-length weak claws to aid them in slithering. Their arms were theorized to have once been long and powerful for aiding in capturing prey, but once they learned constriction methods they no longer required them and they began to shrink back into their bodies.


Linder-snakes were extremely aggressive and fought fiercely for territory, the right to mate or even if they were just angry. Their great length meant they could easily take on fiercer enemies by way of constriction. They preyed on Hagrats, earth-bound Kegans and even occasionally baby Acran Magna-dragoons.

Behind the scenesEdit

The length of the Linder-snake was based on the Python from the movie Boa Vs. Python.

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