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The Liberty-class transports were used for troop deployment into heavy engagement zones. The three cannons were used to soften up ground targets before the vessels deploying troops. Heavily armored, they could withstand sustained heavy ground fire and surface-to-air missiles

Development Edit

Shortly after the end of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, the newly formed Wolatarian Marine Force needed a vessel capable of deploying them planetside from the new Majesty-class Battlecruisers. With advancement in infantry carried anti-aircraft missiles, engineers designed a four layered armor system to help protect the transports, in addition to the shields already in place.

The first layer was thin highly energetic field that would detonate missiles 600mm from the surface of the vessel. A 300mm thick foam plating was just below this field designed to absorb immense amounts of kinetic energy from explosions and physical impacts. A top the foam plates was a weave designed to absorb energy from laser blast, dispelling the ionic energy. Under this layer was 800mm thick plates of reinforced durasteel, overlapping one another to ensure structural stability.

Deployment Edit

Over thirty thousand Liberty-class transports were built between 47ABY and 126ABY. Most not deployed aboard the Majesty-class Battlecruisers were sold to local security forces on the Wolatarian colonial worlds.

Other models Edit

Fifty-nine of the Freedom-class executive transports were built on the frame of the Liberty-class for use in the colonial government. These featured a luxury interior, with a state room and sleeping quarters.

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