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The Lego Empire was a dictorial empire that was formed after the Lego Crusades ended. It had only one emperor.



In 10,867 BBY, when an attempted assasination failed on Legus Maximus, he used this to as a chance to secure totalitarian control over the Lego Sector. Within days, the systems of the sector were under Maximus' control.

Beginning of the Lego WarEdit

While many Legos saw this as an opportunity for peace, many thought this was an attempt by Maximus to have unlimited power. This belief and the fact that the emperor issued a caste law, saying all Legos were to work and marry in a specific caste, led to the Lego War.

Lego WarEdit

By now, the Lego Rebellion had started to attack the Empire. Soon Maximus officially declared war on the rebellion. Battles were being fought all over sector. In 10,837 BBY, the Lego War officially ended with the Treaty of Lego Peace.

Lego CataclysmEdit

That same year, the Empire built the Lego Cannon to seduce the Lego Federation into annexation, thus giving Maximus total control once again. This led to the cataclysm. In trying to showing the federation who's boss, the emperor only succeeded in causing a chain reaction on Denmark. This led to the volcanic activity of Denmark. Many Legos left to LEGO City. Maximus was one of the many victims of a volcano. The Lego Empire was dissolved.


The Lego Empire was an autocracy. The emperor had total control. He issued many laws, one being the caste system.

Caste SystemEdit

The caste system was a set system for Legos to follow. A Lego born to a caste will stay in a caste. Legos born to parents of two different castes were killed.

Caste HierarchyEdit

Administrative DivisionsEdit

The Lego Empire was divided into many provinces and royal states.

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