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Pirate missile soldier

Soldiers of the Anti-Armor Division

AT-ATs? Canderous tanks? They'll all be blown away!
—A Legion Anti-Armor Divison soldier

The Legion Anti-Armor Division was a part of Steel Legion armies that specialized in destroying armor. It consisted of either hired mercaneries or full-time soldiers in indefinite service to the Legion. Nearly all soldiers in the Anti-Armor Division were equipped with missile launchers.


Swfoc 2007-05-21 20-01-21-67

Anti-Armor Division troops on the alert

Throughout the Legion's history, the strength of the Anti-Armor Divison fluctuated; it ranged from thousands to hundreds of thousands. Most troops who served in it were given unusually good training and equipment, and were taught to be very loyal to Unit 8311 and the Legion.


The equipment of the Anti-Armor Division varied. Many were equipped with PLX-1 missile launchers, and others were equipped with less advanced flak launchers. A few were equipped with thermal detonators.

They were also equipped with tough body armor, capable of taking most punishment.

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