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Legacy: Fool's Gamble is a small-group based Role-playing Game on's Star Wars Role-Playing Forum. Begun by user R_Zion on January 29, 2007, the game follows the Duros Mercenary Captain Jav Boran and his crew aboard the heavily modified Imperial VT-49 Devastator Fool's Gamble as they try to make their way through the galaxy late in the year 130 ABY of the Legacy Comics-era.

Claiming inspiration from such television series as Firefly, Cowboy Bebop, Farscape and Outlaw Star, the game has been well recieved by its small audience and players thus far and was even nominated for Best New Star Wars RPG in the Spring 2007 Role-Playing Forum Awards.



Retired ParticipantsEdit

  • Vector_Alpha
  • Darth_Boba
  • CT-13438
  • Lava_Twilight
  • ChinaMonroe

Incoming Participants QueueEdit

Dramatis PersonaeEdit

Current Fool's Gamble CrewEdit

The Sith OrderEdit

The Galactic Empire (Fel-Alligned)Edit

  • Kieran Zass, Imperial Knight (Male Human)
  • Colonel Artemis Z.M. Veers (Male Human)
  • Rancor (Male Human)
  • Womprat (Male Human)
  • Tempest (Male Human)

The Galactic Empire (Sith-Alligned)Edit

  • Captain Adeen (NPC)(Male Human)
  • Colonel Hadis Ato (NPC)(Male Human)
  • Lt. Straus (NPC)(Male Human)


  • Queen Jool (NPC)(Female Hutt)
  • Finn (NPC)(Male Sakiyan)
  • Vespar the Hutt (NPC)(Male Hutt)
  • Crandon the Hutt (NPC)(Male Hutt)
  • Josh McHalen (Male Human)

Ankagura SyndicateEdit

Followers of Zechen RalekhEdit

  • Zechen Ralekh (NPC-deceased)(Male Human)
  • Jedet (NPC-deceased)(Male Human)
  • Aluphaus (NPC-deceased)(Male Vetosba)
  • Turaem (NPC-deceased)(Male Human)
  • Vesker (NPC-deceased)(Male Human)
  • Mumuyr (NPC-deceased)(Male Human)
  • Guardu (NPC-deceased)(Male Rodian)
  • Elbern (NPC)(Male Human)

The JawasEdit

  • Warlord Kazik (Male Jawa)


  • Lap Nap (NPC)(Male Gungan)
  • Darth Tristis/ Lt. Col. Theldon Malpachi (Male Zabrak)
  • F-9PO (NPC)(Male-AI 9PO Protocol Droid)
  • Gendo Vetarr (NPC)(Male Human)
  • Krvvkek (NPC)(Male Nivek Shadowman)
  • Meenk (NPC)(Male Ewok)
  • Zukhon Durp (Male Human)
  • Amunok Iad (NPC-deceased)(Male Human)
  • Ytzi (NPC-deceased)(Male human)
  • Sinya (Female Twi'lek)
  • Lady Valarian (NPC)(Female Whiphid)
  • Elonora 'Elo' Vash (NPC-deceased)(Female Human)


  • Old Anna (NPC)(Female Human)
  • Du-Ras Codi (NPC)(Male Cerean)
  • Rowacca (NPC-deceased)(Male Wookiee)



  • Industrial Automaton S2-Utility Droid
    • S2-56G
  • Cybot Galactica 9PO Protocol Droid
    • F-9PO
  • Arakyd 'Phantom' Probe Droid
  • Colicoid Creation Nest Mark IV Destroyer Droid


  • Remlochs

Planets FeaturedEdit

External LinksEdit

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