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This article is about a clone of Minafe Felis named Lady Vader. You may be looking for Project Lady Vader, which aimed at creating a force-sensitive clone as Darth Vader's secret apprentice, or Leia Organa Solo, who was called "The Lady Vader" among the Noghri.

Lady Vader was a clone of Jedi Padawan and Dathomiri Witch Minafe Felis. The clone's actual designation was LV-beta-1. The Sith Acolyte also bore the self-created title of Dark Maiden of the Sith and served the Galactic Empire in the years following the Battle of Endor.


When the young Dathomiri Witch Minafe Felis was inducted into the Jedi Order a genetic sample was collected from her, as secretly done with every Jedi Initiate at Chancellor Palpatine's command. The genes remained at the Surgical Reconstruction Center on Coruscant for several years until they were incidentally found by Darth Vader during medical treatment at the facility, remembering he had killed the Padawan by his own hand during Operation: Knightfall in the Jedi Temple in 19 BBY.

As Vader became obsessed by creating a clone of Leia Organa as his own secret apprentice after he had felt her connection with the Force during her interrogation on the Death Star and had genetic material being extracted of her, he initiated Project Lady Vader in 1 ABY on Kamino, unknown to his master.

After multiple attempts to breed a stable clone of the Princess of Alderaan had failed, Vader started looking for alternatives. He finally ordered the Kaminoan cloners to use Felis's genes instead. Still being possessed with the idea of having a dark side counterpart of the Senator, he admired for her courage, but not for her conviction, he also assigned scientists to create an artificial emotions and mind profile from the template, but with strong belief in Sith lore and loyalty towards only him. Would the breeding succeed, the clone should be brainwashed and the synthetically prepared ego profile under the name "Lady Vader" be induced instead.

The clone under the designation LV-beta-1 survived the process and was nourished by the cloners for the next few years before it was mature already in 5 ABY due to methods for accelerated growth having been applied. Though the client had passed in the meantime above Endor in 4 ABY, the Kaminoans still fulfilled Vader's assignment, erased the clone's memory and replaced it with Lady Vader's synthesized ego.

The process being hardly finished, the clone freed herself from the bonds and intuitively attacked and killed all scientists with the red lightsaber, Vader had fashioned for her after his own weapon in preparation for his apprentice. After fleeing Kamino, the mentally instable being wandered about the galaxy for several months searching for her master and determination.

Finding no satisfying answers on who she really was, but the deadly fortune of her master, the clone ultimately accepted her fate and began living as Lady Vader, Dark Maiden of the Sith. She came into contact with the rulers of the still existent Empire pledging her service to the revival of its former glory.

Returning to Kamino, the planet she still called home, she had some surgical procedures done to her body. The vision of her left eye, that was retarded from a genetic defect by the cloning process, thus being blind and gray in color, was restored. The iris of her right eye, which was intact and having the original green color from the genetic template, was changed to a violet tone. This color was to show her deliberate loneliness, as well as the self-confidence and individuality, which had grown in her. To openly exhibit her conviction in Sith doctrine, Lady Vader also had a Sith tattoo applied around her left scarred, gray eye. She showed her admiration of her late master in wearing attire, that was reminiscent of his armor, and also involved borrowings of Leia Organa's style into her outfit, who, so she realized, seemed to have something to do with her.

Additionally to the lightsaber from her master, she built a red lightwhip and developed her own fighting style combining both weapons including a Shien style reverse grip of the sword.

Near the end of 6 ABY the tenth poster of the series Imperial Recruitment 2, READINESS is ALL., showed Lady Vader in the cockpit of a recreated J-type 327 Nubian Royal Starship, a vessel she had acquired as her personal spacecraft, above Kamino. She's depicted with her pet Isis cat called Selina, which she had taken with her from the planet Isis during her previous journey of self-discovery.

Behind the scenesEdit

The character is based on a costume of the same name by Anne Marie O. Belland, the poster depicting her being created as a price for the 2013 winner of the Miss Nerd America contest.

The lightwhip is not part of Anne's original costume but was added as a nod to her Indiana Jones outfit under the name Cindiana Jones.