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Kyad Kyod was a xantha musician that played in the band Exlis Prime alongside Jasper Jummmand.

He first attended the University of Central Gysis in 34 ABY before dropping out to pursue his career in the band.

Exlis Prime

Jasper Jummmand - Kyad Kyod - Slayton "Slappy" Maus


Studio albums: Loving the Smuggler Life | Tritium Jackpot | Organic Squeal | Shyriiwook City
Singles: "Greedo Got Fried" | "The Ballad of Boba Fett" | "Something Smells Funny" | "Kriffkutter" | "Organic Squeal" | "My Name is Darth" | "Naboobies" | "IHABFAT" | "Shyriiwook City" | "Bald Headed Girls"


Wild Space Gets Wild tour | Plunging in Deep Core tour | Third Edition tour (reunion)

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