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The Kuat Transforming Program (KTP) was a program to create ships that transformed into droids. The first made was Megatron. It was made to help the New Republic defeat the New Confederacy.



People of the planet of Kuat wanted to create a group of droids that could transform into fighters and tanks. The made a station in the orbit of Kuat and researched their idea. They eventually created a tank as a vehicle, a giant robot as a droid.



They created Megatron. But, there was an error when they were making him. The internal error caused Megatron to misread the data and caused him to rebel. He ran a rampage as a tank and destroyed part of the station. Than he escaped.


The Second to be created, Shockwave was purely logical, no ego no mercy. He began to calculate and assumed that humans were no longer capable of commanding such powerful beings. Megatron saw this and made him his second in command, but Shockwave saw that his new "Leader" had many flaws, he decided that he was the best choice for leader but he would have to wait until the right time to destroy Megatron. Soon he would be leader, no ego, no rage just simple logic.


After Megatron, the KTP fixed their base and created another transforming droid. He was a jet as a vehicle and a powerful droid. One of his wings could form a sword. This one was called Starscream. He was sent out to destroy Megatron.

Starscream had found Megatron hiding in the outskirts of Tatooine, so he transformed, took out his sword, and flew down to strike. Megatron transformed into a tank and fired at Starscream, which knocked him out, and downloaded data into him which caused him to join Megatron.

As Starscream awoke, he changed from a New Republic droid, to an evil servant of Megatron.

Hot ShotEdit

After the failure of Megatron and Starscream, the KTP decided to create another. They made a yellow vehicle that can go at very high speeds and could catch up to Megatron. They called this one Hot Shot.

Hot Shot was sent to search the galaxy for Megatron. A lead was given on Tatooine. That is where Hot Shot began his search.


Hot Shot was sent to find Megatron but someone was needed to find Starscream. That is when the KTP thought of a shuttle. This gave them the idea for Jetfire. A shuttle as a vehicle, and a powerful droid. He was given great firepower because his middle engine became a miniature superlaser.

Jetfire was sent to Tatooine to track Starscream and to help Hot Shot when he was done with that.

Optimus PrimeEdit

The KTP came up with a large truck like that one that could be found on a planet with not as high a level of technology. The cabin of the truck was the transforming droid and the rest was a portable base. This was Optimus Prime. He was made to lead the droids against Megatron. These droids eventually named themselves the Autobots. The others led by Megatron were called Decepticons.


The KTP thought of minidroids that could attach to the other droids to enhance them. They made a miniature vehicle that resembled Hot Shot. They called this one Sparkplug and they gave him to Optimus. The KTP also enhanced the portable base as well as Optimus himself.

They made a small red shuttle with a rotating blade to Hot Shot. This could join to the back of him allowing him to jump far distances as a vehicle. As a droid, two wheels would form a cannon.