We hit all our targets! Good job raiders!
Nicole Kroger after the bombs were dropped.

The Kroger Raid, sometimes known as the Coruscant Bombing, was a bombing raid launched by the Galactic Confederate Systems against the Galactic Empire. The raid on the urban areas of the Imperial capital of Coruscant was retaliation for the Confederate Congress bombing, committed by Imperial assassins months earlier. The operation was a success without a single loss of Confederate life, though one bomber was severely damaged by anti-spacecraft fire to the point where it was deemed a total loss and scrapped.

Kroger RaidEdit


Kroger: “People...most of y'all did not know me before I came to this galaxy. I was strong and proud...and arrogant. Now I wonder, every hour of my life while my God brought me here. But when I see defeat in the eyes of my countrymen, in your eyes right now, I start to think that maybe He brought me here for times like these where we all to be reminded of who we truly are. That we will not give up or give in.
Defense Minister: “Mr. President, with all due respect sir, what you're asking can't be done.
Kroger: “Do not tell me can't be done.
— Kroger puts the Raid in motion

The raid was motivated by the rage caused by the Confederate Congress bombing, initiated by Imperial assassin against the Congress of the Confederation tower. While the Confederation Military leaders were wary about leading a long range mission with the limited amount of resources that they had, President Cole Kroger's rant convinced them to launch such a raid.


The mission I'm asking to volunteer for is exceptionally dangerous. Take a look at the person beside you. It's a good be that in the next six weeks, you or they...will be dead. Every soldier brave enough to accept this...step forward.
—Nicole recruiting volunteers.

President Kroger appointed his wife Nicole as the leader of the mission after she herself volunteered. Nicole Kroger specifically asked 80 Air Force pilots to volunteer for the mission. She told them that no one would think they were a coward if they declined and emphasized that the mission was top secret. No one was talk about it with anyone, not even among themselves. No pilot backed out, and they all patriotically joined their General.

The people in the Defense apartment didn't want Kroger to go with the Raiders on the bombing mission, because she was "too valuable" and they weren't sure how badly her husband would react if she was killed. But Kroger had established a bond with her soldiers. She would not only lead the raid, she would be the first one to take off.

The bombers, B-25, were very old and outdated. They were however, undetectable from Imperial radar. The biggest problem was the weight. Everything that wasn't needed was stripped down. Some of the guns were replaced with wooden props. Each bomber was equipped with three high-explosive munitions and one bundle of incendiaries.


Kroger: “Drop your ordinance!
Raider: “Bombs away!
Bombadier: “One away!
— The Raiders drop their bombs.

Under utter and complete secrecy, the raid was launched four months after the Congress bombing. A Star Destroyer came out of hyperspace 400 miles from Coruscant. Using outdated but undetectable B-25 bombers, the Kroger Raiders bombed Imperial military targets; including oil stores, military installations, and spacecraft and tank factories. Fires raged for several hours. Many Imperials were stunned that their city was attacked.


Raider: “We got Flak everywhere!
Raider: “We gotta get outta here!
Kroger: “I want everyone to separate!
Raider: “We're getting covered up here!
— The Raiders come under AS fire

With the bombs dropped, the Raiders closed the bomb bay doors and headed for home. Despite being shocked and stunned by the attack, the Imperial immediately rallied to defend the capital. The bombers suddenly came under murderous anti-spacecraft fire.

While none were shot down, the Imperials fired with such accuracy that the bombers were heavily damaged by the flak and some crew were seriously injured.

All the bombers made it back to the Star Destroyer. One bomber, though, was hit by a flak that heavily damaged the bomber. It started to leak fuel. With the engines dead and empty fuel tanks, the bomber crashed on the Star Destroyer runway, skidding across the entire hanger. Despite severe injuries, the entire crew survived.


That's for all the Raiders.
—Cole to his wife after bestowing her with the Medal of Honor.

Kroger and all 80 pilots were celebrated as heroes. She and the pilots were all awarded Medals of Honor by Kroger's husband on live Holonet news.

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