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The Kordaic form was the first lightsaber form ever created. Invented by Matka Kordai, it was in use until the introduction of the double-bladed lightsaber. The form was a basic three-step movement, normally helpful against an opponent with a melee weapon. First, one activated the lightsaber, chopped off the sword's blade (the blades of swords did not have the proper composition to stop a lightsaber's blade). Then, the wielder neutralized the opponent by dismemberment and proceeded to finish the kill. It was the same with a opponent with a blaster, except one would cut the blaster in half. When the double-bladed lightsaber was introduced, Kordaic users found it difficult to slice in two, so the form was rendered obsolete. Then came the introduction of a vibrating cell that stopped the lightsaber's blade. So it was helpful for being the first lightsaber form, but in later years and with the advancement of technology, many of the form's flaws began to arise.

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