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Knights of the Old Republic: Jedi Mourning

Jedi Master 76

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Star Wars Fanon wiki

Release date

February 8, 2016

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Old Republic era


3,932 BBY


Days of Dissidence Series

Preceded by

Binding, Reclusion

Knights of the Old Republic: Jedi Mourning is a fan fiction novel being written by user Jedi Master 76. It is the fourth and final novel in the Days of Dissidence Series. It is also the last chronologically, taking place nearly twenty years after Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, a video game produced by LucasArts in 2004.

The novel's first segment was released July 6, 2013. The novel's second segment was released September 9, 2013. The third segment was released February 14, 2014. The fourth segment was released December 15, 2014. The fifth segment was released October 11, 2015. The final segment will be released February 8, 2016.

Plot summaryEdit

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, before the revenge of the Sith, the birth of the Empire, and the return of the Jedi there was a time of galactic turmoil, political unrest, and folding allegiances. The Sith Empire increased its influence throughout the galaxy while the Galactic Republic, the bastion of order and democracy, took its dying breath. The dark side grew stronger with each passing day, and the Jedi Order was forced to confront an enemy unlike any other: itself. The Knight of Alderaan, the Paladin of Evening, and the Vindictive Guardian are the epithets of those involved in our tale. Around these three shall our story be spun, and these three shall direct the fate of those around them, for good or ill.
Enter the era of the Knights of the Old Republic. Enter the days of dissidence...

The galaxy is at peace. In the years since the Jedi Civil War, the Galactic Republic has returned to its former glory, and the Jedi Knights, guardians of peace and justice, have since rebuilt their order. Their ancient foe, the masters of the Sith Empire, have been defeated, and the Mandalorians have also been humbled. None can challenge the supremacy of the Galactic Republic, and so begins what appears to be a time of prosperity and expansion. But all is not as it seems. In the farthest reaches of Republic space, a scouting force comes upon the derelict remains of a Sith warship, a remnant of a war that has long been concluded. The Republic spacers sent inside quickly discover that the ship is not as abandoned as it appears, and the Sith are not as dead as they had assumed.

The players of an unseen war game are moving their pieces across the galaxy, each intending to outmaneuver the other and defeat their opponent before the real war begins. A Republic general, a Sith Master, an unorthodox and shamed Jedi Knight, and the enigmatic Watchcircle Dominus have their minions challenging each other in the dark, killing and being killed in the name of their cause. Despite all of their scheming, none of the players have noticed a single Jedi Knight hidden in plain sight, bound for negotiation with an underworld kingpin. Her erstwhile guardian, an assassin working for a notorious smuggler, is rapidly approaching. That pair may yet decide the fate of the galaxy itself, and whomever could draw them to their side would be gain an upper hand indeed...



In order of appearance and/or mentioning.

By type 
Characters Creatures Droid models Events Locations
Organizations and titles Sentient species Vehicles and vessels Weapons and technology Miscellanea


Galactic Repubic

  • Karlem - Navy Commander (First appearance)
  • Belsio Molir - Navy Captain
  • Shiira Nos - Marine Master Sergeant
  • Carth Onasi - Fleet Admiral
  • Calon D'et - Republic Supreme Chancellor (Mentioned only)
  • Eliorae I Latona Panteer - Senator-Queen of Alderaan (First identified as Panteer)
  • Daltes Ghoaad - Army Major (First appearance)
  • Ducian Eto - Army Brigadier
  • Rajes Thonnel - Army Lieutenant Colonel
  • Thertos Velle - Army Private (First appearance)
  • Osar Hije - Army Private (First appearance)
  • Holbes Rueni - Navy Rear Admiral (First identified as Holbes)
  • Xerro - Army General (First mentioned)
  • Ebel Ubens - Senator of Foerost
  • Juleth Ilen - Army Captain (First appearance)
  • Cede - Navy Admiral (Mentioned only)
  • Svarsk - Navy Admiral
  • Xera Yur - Navy Vice Admiral (First appearance)
  • Rel Marathos - Navy Admiral (First appearance)
  • Opelle - Navy Vice Admiral (First appearance)
  • Toredo - Army Sergeant Major
  • Uriv - Army Captain (First appearance)
  • Quven - Army Sergeant (First mentioned)
  • Uerjo - Minister of Defense (Appears in hologram)
  • Gabran - Navy Rear Admiral (First appearance)
  • Jesiv Ha'ntesh - Navy Captain (Appears in hologram)
  • Calad - Army Lieutenant General (First appearance)
  • Velthini - Army Colonel (First mentioned)
  • Felstan - Army Major (First mentioned)
  • Bo'rtho - Army First Sergeant (First mentioned)
  • Me'sthon - Army Colonel (First mentioned)
  • Olsh - Army Major (First mentioned)
  • Abros - Army Lieutenant General (First mentioned)
  • Phelteron - Army Lieutenant General (First mentioned)

Mandalorian clans

  • Jhosua Weros - Field Marshal
  • Glacis Weros - Warrior
  • Mandalore the Preserver
  • Garol - Captain
  • Tyrollian - Commander
  • Verita Ladola Weros - civilian
  • Kerre - Field Marshal
  • Fier Weros - civilian
  • Kelborn - Field Marshal
  • Bralor - Field Marshal
  • Briggs - Warrior (First appearance)
  • Mandalore the Survivor (Mentioned only)
  • Adebes Cor - former Commander (Mentioned only)
  • Mandalore the Ultimate (Mentioned only)
  • Tra'viss - Master Sergeant (First mentioned)

Preux's Sith faction

  • Falmas Nyral - Sith Marauder (First appearance)
  • Calnin "the Beast" - Sith Marauder (First appearance)
  • Nafyan - Sith Master
  • Nadmith Kvorkasir - Admiral
  • Jaeln Benax - Sith Marauder
  • Preux - Dark Lord of the Sith
  • Tara Isinn - Admiral
  • Hendor Keth - Admiral (First appearance)
  • Cav Acophy - Admiral (First appearance)
  • Malfon Benax - Shadowhand (Vision)
  • Oro Malthesinores - General
  • Sallos - Sith Marauder (First appearance)
  • Tadeus II Bulger - Grandmaster of the Mecrosa Order
  • Thoronim - captain of the guard (First appearance)
  • Avaran Whell - former Sith Lord (Appears as a ghost or spirit)
  • Boergo Alejis - Krath noble (First appearance)
  • Xatara Alejis - Krath noble (First appearance)
  • Verunth Alejis - Krath warmaster (First appearance)
  • Calay - former Sith Master (Mentioned only)
  • De'dlay Yavalaaka - former Sith Master (Vision)
  • Tiv Maera - General (First mentioned)
  • Hiryant - Sith Master (First appearance)

Sith Empire

  • Vitiate - Sith Emperor (Mentioned only)
  • Glorbung Mauch - Admiral (First appearance)
  • First Hand of the Emperor (First appearance)
  • Naga Sadow - former Dark Lord of the Sith (Mentioned only)

Jedi Order

  • Dynatha Aris - Jedi Knight
  • Ixi Meffa - Jedi Knight (First appearance)
  • Ojon Therdan - Jedi Knight (First appearance)
  • Revan - Jedi Knight (Mentioned only)
  • Harin Sunrider - Jedi Padawan (First appearance)
  • Nocion Ahasies - Jedi Knight (First appearance)
  • Elni - Jedi Knight (First appearance)
  • Aecus Vithion - Jedi Master (First appearance)
  • Raystin Benax - former Jedi Master (Appears as a ghost or spirit)
  • Juhani - Jedi Councilor
  • Nisna - Jedi Padawan (First appearance)

Watchcircle Dominus

  • Delvin Cortes - Lightbearer
  • Telerus Eston - High Lightbearer
  • K'thoi - Acolyte (First appearance)
  • Via - Acolyte (First appearance)
  • Jram - former Lightbearer (Indirect mention only)

Ranval's commandos

  • Wendel - operative (First appearance)
  • Selias Siital - Commander
  • Meldeg - operative (First appearance)
  • Omel - operative (First appearance)
  • Ranz - Squad Leader
  • Lree - operative
  • Artinan Neim - operative (First appearance)


  • Sharzin - Exchange crimeboss (First appearance)
  • Afe Quyen - Captain of the Horizon Bound (First appearance)
  • Peldor Urbol - pilot of the Horizon Bound (First appearance)
  • Tserne DeLarane - assassin
  • Fetarollias "Fetcher" Niridiacher - Captain of the Hound's Sapphire
  • 3C-AD - Tserne's utility droid (First appearance)
  • Ncrall Redwing - criminal (First appearance)
  • Zalee Forol - crewmember of the Hound's Sapphire (First appearance)
  • Mercium - former crimelord (Mentioned only)
  • Posh Sees - crewmember of the Hound's Sapphire
  • Oryan Tempaar/Virtual Cruiser Assistance Program 2040 "Jon" - crewmember and artificial intelligence of the Hound's Sapphire
  • Haphren Marhe - Captain of the Lost Oath
  • Lespar Owae - crewmember of the Lost Oath (Indirect mention only)
  • Bogga the Hutt - former crimelord (Mentioned only)
  • Coroq Lotte - Exchange mercenary (First appearance)
  • R'obel Lotte - Exchange mercenary (First appearance)
  • Charak Lotte - former Captain of the Shadowchaser (First mentioned)
  • Utin Lotte - Exchange mercenary (First appearance)


  • Iea Keradyle - entrepreneur (First appearance)
  • Ralina Q'endel Velle - Telosian civilian (First identified as Q'endel)
  • Manda Revv - Telosian civilian
  • Lucius Velle - Telosian civilian
  • Darth Malak - former Dark Lord of the Sith (Mentioned only)
  • Northeus Ulsan - Force-sensitive
  • Raen Benax - Force-sensitive
  • Aquin of Ten Million Eyes (Mentioned only)
  • Ernar Humbar - entrepreneur (Vision)
  • Satal Keto - former Krath leader (Remains)
  • Aleema Keto - former Krath leader (Mentioned only)
  • Norvos Teltol - university chancellor (First appearance)
  • Phaevn - former Sith guardsman (First appearance)
  • Lalun - former Sith Master (First appearance)
  • Honjenber - Ailon Major (First appearance)
  • Castan Herox - Force-sensitive
  • Pelpos - Ailon Lieutenant (First mentioned)
  • Ibrays Weros - Force-sensitive (Heard only)


Vehicles and vessels

  • Commencement - Republic Hammerhead-class cruiser
  • Asylum - Sith Interdictor-class cruiser
  • Horizon Bound - smuggler Heraklon-class transport
  • Fate & Luck - Exchange space station
  • Phantasm - Sith modified Inexpugnable-class command ship
  • Grimtaash - Tserne's Fidelity-class light freighter
  • Whirling Fire - Velle family Heraklon-class transport
  • Hound's Sapphire - smuggler Lethisk-class armed freighter
  • Reconciliation - Republic Hammerhead-class cruiser
  • Blind Guide - Ranval's Starscape-class yacht
  • Palatine - Republic Palatine-class heavy cruiser
  • Indefatigable - Imperial Sith Dominator-class battlecruiser
  • Shadowchaser - Lotte clan's modified K16 Cinnagar-class civilian transport
  • Diligent Watcher - Republic Foray-class blockade runner
  • Bravery - Republic Foray-class blockade runner
  • Kuat's Pride - Republic Hammerhead-class cruiser
  • Oathkeeper - Republic Hammerhead-class cruiser
  • Basilaron - Panteer family's J8 Alderaan-class armored transport
  • Trill-1 - Mandalorian Shaadlar-type troopship
  • Alor'ad - Mandalorian Kyramud-type battleship
  • Cabur - Mandalorian Kyramud-type battleship
  • Sojourn - Republic Hammerhead-class cruiser
  • Beacon - Jedi Irid-class cruiser
  • Ashla's Banner - Watchcircle Hammerhead-class cruiser
  • Defiant - Republic Centurion-class battlecruiser
  • Eviscerator - Sith Interdictor-class cruiser

Behind the scenesEdit

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