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Queen Kiplommar of Acralia's wardrobe was an enormous room in the Royal Acralian Palace. It contained the majority of her outfits that she wore during her rain as queen. Though no exact number was ever calculated, it was known that Kiplommar never wore an outfit more than twice, that she wore at least three outfits a day, and that her reign was roughly five years long: this means that Kiplommar's wardrobe contained roughly 3000 outfits at any given time. Examples of such outfits were preserved, and placed in the Galactic Museum on Coruscant. Some of them are outlined below.

Throneroom AttireEdit

Kiplommar, when residing in her throne room, would wear elegant, full-length gowns. This one was made of the finest silk, in shining, pristine white. The sleeves ended at the elbow, at which point rich satin sleeves began, and extended to her wrists, creating a luxurious sleeve fit for someone of such elegance. The dress was lined in gray-blue silk, and accented with violet hues. Kiplommar's waist was held in by a metal belt, which was attached to the shoulder-plates, all of which were solid electrum. The headdress was made of gold, and held her hair firmly, yet comfortably, in place under the helmet. Above Kiplommar's forehead was an Ilum crystal, like the ones used in lightsaber construction, which led to rumors that she was, in fact, a Jedi Knight, none of which were ever proven true. Dangling from either side of the headdress were electrum plates, engraved with ancient symbols, which could be translated to read wealth and power.

Vacation AttireEdit

When vacationing away from the palace, Kiplommar brought with her an enormous selection of gowns. One such was a linen dress, which was accented with mink fur on the sleeves. The dress itself was, as mentioned, fine linen — warm enough for temperate vacation spots. the only accent on the red dress was a single band of white down the front. Placed over the dress was a small, white cotton jacket. The jacket itself was small, extending just below the bosom, but its sleeves were long, flared, and lined with mink. The collar of the jacket extended upwards, creating a veritable shield around Kiplommar's neck and hair. A single sapphire button held the jacket together.

Formal AttireEdit

Kiplommar's favorite way to dress was, as to be expected, as formally as possible. Kiplommar's formal attire was elegant, simple, and regal. Her gown presented shows her favor for distinguishing herself through her clothing — the fine brown and gold fabric accented her bronze headdress. Bronze bracelets, earrings, necklace, and belt added to her awe. Her face was often painted a soft white, the only color being a single black dot on each cheek, as well as brown eyeshadow. Kiplommar's headdress fanned-out her hair, making her figure all the more imposing. The off-the-shoulder design of the gown let her accentuate her physical beauty, but remain formal.

Celebratory AttireEdit

Kiplommar's most elaborate pieces were her celebratory gowns. The presented gown was made of three pieces. The top layer was a robe, made of the softest deep-purple velvet. The edges were accented with gold-colored fabric, and held at the waist by means of a gold belt in a V-shape, inlaid with diamonds. The collar of the robe extended upwards, enclosing Kiplommar's neck. The sleeves flared just below the shoulder, adding to luxuriousness of the outfit. Below the robe was a black dress; tight, and embroidered with ancient patterns. The dress extended to her feet, after flaring at the waist for maximum comfort. The sleeves of the dress ended at the elbow, where bronze-colored metal gauntlets covered her forearm and wrist. The third layer of the dress was a full-length gold necklace, that extended from her neck to her just above the floor. Kiplommar's headdress with the gown was a silver and gold helmet, under which her hair was concealed, richly decorated in gems and precious stones.

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