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Ken 10
Biographical information

Balgus Star




30 ABY

Physical description





1.7 meters

Hair color

Black (Blonde wig)

Eye color


Chronological and political information

Rebellion Era - New Jedi Order era


Wolf Raiders, Skulls

He was truly the last of the Wolf Raiders
Jill Baldar

Ken 10 was a former Wolf Raider who later joined the mercenary group known as the Skulls.

Originally from Balgus Star, Ken 10 took part in the defense of the Wolf Raiders' command center during the Rebel Attack on it. He was one of the few Wolf Raiders to manage to get airborne, and briefly flew wing for Ken. However, after his partner was shot down, Ken realized the situation was hopeless. Rather then continuing to fight, he broke away, using his Starfigther's hyperdrive to escape.

Disappearing for a while, he eventually resurfaced several years later as a mercenary. He billed himself as being the "Last of the Wolf Raiders", a claim that he could readily justify. Not only was he the last Wolf Raider known to be at large, but his W-Wing Starfighter was the last example known to exist. His activities bought him to the attention of the Skulls, who actively sought out and recruited him - a rare occurrence.

Ken flew for the Skulls for several years, participating in numerous battles. During a clash in 30 ABY, his fighter was badly damaged by Yuuzhan Vong forces. Choosing to stay with it, he rammed his crippled fighter into the side of a Vong troopship, destroying it.

At his memorial service he was posthumously promoted by Jill Baldar.

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