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Kelvin 3 was a remote frigid planet located in the Inner Rim that was known for being the homeworld of Ky Rah. The planet notably hosted an Imperial starfigher facility called Brawl Station, which was the setting of an important confrontation known as the Battle of Kelvin 3.


Two years after the Battle of Yavin, the Galactic Empire established a starfigher facility named Brawl Station on a remote area of Kelvin 3, dedicated to the construction and testing of their new fighters, the TIE/B Brawler and the TIE/Dsa Double Bomber.

After discovering the facility, the Alliance to Restore the Republic executed an attack on the station that would trigger an event to be known as the Battle of Kelvin 3.

Approximately thirty years after said battle, wreckage from the confrontation would still be found scattered around the whole planet, mainly in the areas close to the equator, from wich Novah Outpost stands out, a highly populated town located on the Novah Plain, home to Ky Rah, owner of Rah's Starship Repair Dock.

After her meeting up with popular smuggler Han Solo at her repair dock and exchanging some words, he finally convinced her to join the Resistance. Following events would culminate in the construction of a Resistance base on the planet called Kilo Base, a facility dedicated to combat the First Order.

Behind the scenesEdit

The planet's name comes from rounding the rough temperature of space, wich is 2.7 Kelvin. Inspiration for the planet's physical characteristics was also obtained from this. Other facts such as the orbital period, the diameter and the population come from an average of those same facts from Hoth and Jakku.

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