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Kelif Lanelse was a Nautolan who was said to have been an outstanding pilot. He started as a pilot in 17 ABY driving his TIE Walker that he designed himself after Imperials came and terrorized his hometown. He later was found by a Jedi and trained in 19 ABY by Corran Horn, in Corran's spare time. This lasted 7 years. He then became a Captain and Leader of a squadron of X-wings, called Lightning Squadron, in 27 ABY. In 32 ABY he became a General of the squadron and was given a Mon Calamari Cruiser.


Early LifeEdit

Kelif was born into a middle class family in a small town on Glee Anselm in 7 ABY. His father was a brave warrior and the leader of the local militia. When the Imperial General Grodan came and sent his stormtroopers after the planets defenses, Kelif's father was killed by Grodan's blaster. His Mother was killed by a stormtrooper after she shot three with a blaster. The neighboring village took him in but Kelif frequently went back to his village to salvage Imperial technology. Eventually he created a TIE Walker, a TIE fighter cockpit attached to the legs of a AT-ST. In 18 ABY Grodan came back, now working for the Zann Consortium, trying to enslave the Nautolans. He came to the village where Kelif was staying. Kelif was merciless and blew Grodan away. Later that year a Jedi sent to help rebuild the villages that were attacked sensed a fair amount of the force in him. He then took him to Yavin 4 for testing.

Jedi AcademyEdit

At the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4, Kelif was tested to see if he could be a Jedi. He passed but Kyle Katarn sensed the dark side in Kelif. He was assigned to Corran Horn who brought Kelif on some missions with Rouge Squadron. After 7 years of training Kelif was knighted. As a Knight he went to Mrlsst and found some Imperials trying to enlist people. With a sudden burst of rage he killed the recruiters. He was then taken back to Yavin where he stayed for a while. When Kelif returned from the Bounty Hunter War he was granted the position of knight. One day he had been exploring the jungle, when he came in contact with a Sith named Darth Galaxia. He retreated and later brought back a small group to deal with the Sith. They failed and were saved by Luke Skywalker who chased Galaxia away. Luke and a few other Jedi agreed that They needed a Yavin defense group and with Kelif now a knight, decided to have Kelif be the leader of an all Jedi fighter squadron called Lightning Squadron.