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Keldath Star Vindicator was a ship which was used for large wars and battles. It was used to protect the Republic from great enemies and difficult rivals of the Jedi Order. Luke Skywalker recreated it to destroy the Galactic Empire quicker. It was perfect organized with many turrets to destroy every who should invade and two hard shield generators which these are difficult to destroy because they need more than fifty Star Destroyers shooting on it. It has large size because it has large crew and pilots.


It was known as a superstation because it was far more larger than a station. It had a large size and height and made the greatest wound to the enemy with three types of superlasers in for every situation. It had many clones guarding the engines and protecting all places of the starship. It had one hundred docking bays which meant that many ships were going out. It could decimate twenty Star Destroyers in five minutes with one only hit of red superlaser. Also it could destroy two galaxies and pollute a third galaxy with blue superlaser which could made many important and very detrimental problems to Human's and other species health and far more problems to the environment. All these problems would be caused with one hit of blue superlaser. The green superlaser was used mainly for destroy enemy planets in some difficult situations. It could make many fear to any rival and enemy because it was well-organized with thousands of gunners.


This starship or starstation was used in four large Wars. The Galactic Purge, The Massive massacre, Great Republic Vindication and Devastation Warsand many other wars. It was far more destructive than Sun Crusher because Sun Crusher could destroy a star system Keldath Vindicator can destroy two whole galaxies with only one hit. Also the explosion of the two galaxies would make a third galaxy to a small solar system. The planets that would survive they would become very destructive for many other systems. It was designed by Paul Keldaron, a Despot of Keldur and constructed on the Shipyards of Keldur from unknown constructors. Paul Keldaron, Asterius Skywalker and Laura Keldaria who found the weapons that would make this starship to an undefeated God of Hyperspace. The building of the starship had duration about two years. It was built for destroying the enemies of the Republic and every other enemy who came out of the galaxy for destroying the galaxy. In Cold Wars preparing for a clear victory for the Republic and for the Jedi Order Keldath destroyed many Sith Space starships without causing any problem to itself.

The Galactic Purge was began after the controversy between the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire was almost very increasing. The reason who caused this war was the problems that had the Galactic Republic with the Sith Empire, the Jedi Order with the Dark council of the Sith and near-Human and humanoid species with the dark side aligned species. The war had duration about five years and it had a lot of casualties. In the Space battle of Kashyyyk Sith Empire used Death Star III and World Devastator and hundreds of Star Destroyers against the Keldath Vindicator. In the beginning Arthass Tarkin and Corsy Vendick ordered to attack to the Vindicator. Kevin Jones said to the turrets from a megaphone to be ready. Then thousands of ships from time to time were destroyed. Once a moment when the two hundreds of Star Destroyers were coming and invading Kevin ordered to his clones to shoot with the red superlaser. They used it twice a time and all Star destroyers were destroyed completely. Then he pressed the button of Hypervelocity guns and shot to the World Devastator shield generators and all of them destroyed. Then Kevin told to Laura Keldaria to went quickly took an Imperial ship and went to the Death Star. She put many explosives at the central base and from a large distance she shot with a pistol. Later she quickly ran to her ship and went out. The Death Star was completely destroyed. After this Kevin shot with red superlaser and destroyed the Devastator completely.

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