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Kekkei'genkai form or One Above God was a very fast, erratic style of lightsaber combat that was not recognized in the Great Holocron or by the Old Jedi Order. The Style, primarily used by Sith or offensive minded Jedi do to its offensive nature, was very deadly, but subtitle simple. The users of Kekkei'genkai generally used Lightdaggers in the stead of Lightsabers, as the style required fast and accurate strikes and blows, and the shortened hilt of a lightdagger allowed that, though this was only a preference.

A user of Kekkei'genkai stood in what was often referred to as a 'bastardized Makashi stance'. The individual stood with their right side facing their opponent (left side if the user is left handed or held the saber in their left hand) their arm was held forward, 60 degrees up from the vertical plain (users body). The wrist was rotated so that the back of the hand faces towards the users right side nearly flush, and the lightdagger was pointed at the opponent.

From this Stance the user could engage in a series of unpredictable movements containing but not limited to, spins (often called a pirouette parry), jumps and flips. A user might rush forward then 'slid' on their knees or slide on their back to get under, around or through an opponents defenses. A user would often use their environment to their advantage, wall runs, 'rafter acrobatics', the use of the Force to send loose material flying at their opposition, anything to gain an edge.

The most unusual part of this lightsaber was that it uses a weapon most lightsaber wielders (in the annals of time) have despised. In the Left (off) hand the user holds a Blaster pistol, generally of small design with very little fancy additions to it, the blaster was used to dispatch none lightsaber wielding foes before engaging a foe with a saber, or to force a saber wielder on the defensive, to allowed the user to move in or to observe a whole in their style. Also the pistol could be used to deal a finishing blow to an opponent while in saberlock as normally they couldn't defend against it.

When facing multiple opponents a user could use a second lightdagger in the stead of a blaster pistol, this required a large amount of concentration and focus in the Force, this aspect of the style seemed to roughly draw on Makashi but lightly, as the movements were far to erratic for any individual who calls themselves a 'Makashi master' to ever use.

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